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Washington Seeks a ‘We Fly, You Don’t’ Zone Over Syria

US officials are loudly calling for–demanding almost, although we haven’t quite reached that point yet, it seems–a no-fly zone over all of Syria–a no-fly zone in which Russian and Syrian planes would be grounded, while US coalition planes would continue to carry out bombing missions.

If the US continues to press this demand, Russia will essentially be faced with two choices–either submit or fight a war with the US. I wonder how many clueless Americans, breathlessly following the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt marriage breakup, are aware how close to World War 3 we are, or how many of them have the slightest idea of the heinous and destructive high jinks those in control of the country, whoever they may be, are up to.

From RT report on Senate Armed Services Committee hearing held Thursday:

The lawmakers were far less interested in the war against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) than about the future of the Syrian government, Iran’s “malign influence,” and “aggression” by China and Russia – all ranked far ahead of terrorism on Carter and Dunford’s list of security challenges.

The Pentagon had “no intention” of sharing intelligence with Russia when it came to Syria, Dunford told the lawmakers unequivocally. Secretary Carter explained that the joint implementation councils envisioned by the ceasefire proposal negotiated in Geneva wouldn’t share intelligence, just coordinate efforts – but that they were a moot point anyway, since the ceasefire was effectively dead.

“I don’t have the facts,” Dunford said, when asked about the convoy attack by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut). “It was either the Russians or the regime,” he added.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the Russians are responsible,” whether directly or because they backed the government in Damascus, Dunford said, describing the attack as “an unacceptable atrocity.”

Carter explained Dunford’s logic in a response to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), saying that “the Russians are responsible for this strike whether they conducted it or not, because they took responsibility for the conduct of the Syrians by associating themselves with the Syrian regime.”

The latest proposal by Secretary of State John Kerry involves grounding only Syrian and Russian airplanes, Carter told Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-New Hampshire).

“There can be no question of grounding US aircraft” over Syria, he said, adding that US jets conduct their strikes “with exceptional precision… that no other country can match.”

Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Mississippi) asked about what it would take for the US to impose a no-fly zone over Syria, using the phrase “control the airspace.”

“Right now… for us to control all of the airspace in Syria would require us to go to war against Syria and Russia,” Dunford replied, drawing a rebuke from committee chairman John McCain (R-Arizona), who argued a no-fly zone was possible without war.

Apparently McCain is convinced the Russians will back down.

From a RIANovosti report on an expanded US missile deployment in Europe:

NATO continues to expand its missile potential in Europe and Moscow is concerned over the deployment of NATO infrastructure near its borders, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov stated.

“NATO members are continuing to expand their anti-missile capability in Europe in the framework of the so-called ‘phased adaptive approach.’ We have repeatedly expressed concern over the placement of elements of strategic infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of our borders, which directly affects our interests in the field of security,” he said at a session of the Russian Public Council on International Cooperation and Public Diplomacy in the Public Chamber.

Ryabkov added that the US’ plans to place new nuclear bombs with increased accuracy in Europe cause serious concern. According to Ryabkov, “this might indicate an intention to use them against military targets, including populated areas during specific military scenarios.”

In the deputy foreign minister’s words, the US’ creation of the European segment of its “missile defense system” is a factor for destabilization “insofar as, at once point, the so-called ‘European missile defense system’ could began to negatively effect the effectiveness of our strategic deterrence.”

“If this line is crossed and the US and NATO continue to expand their missile shield, then we consider this a symptomatic, demonstrative reluctance on the part of Washington and Brussels to adjust their missile defense plans despite the agreements on settling the situation surrounding the Iranian nuclear program,” the deputy foreign minister asserted.

He remarked that Moscow “will continue to closely monitor the situation and carry on solid work with the Europeans to demonstrate to them the inevitably undesirable consequences of this American project’s realization.”

Russia is now calling for a UN investigation into US coordination with ISIS. From Russia Insider:

By Matthew Allen

He’s done it: Sergei Lavrov just told the U.N. Security Council that U.S. coordination with terrorist groups in Syria warrants a full, impartial investigation.

In a carefully-worded address given in New York on Wednesday, Russia’s Foreign Minister cited recent “coincidences” which have undermined the cease-fire agreement in Syria — and allowed ISIS and Al-Nusra to launch successful attacks:

Coalition strikes on government troops positions at Deir ez-Zor on September 16 is a blatant violation of the cessation of hostilities regime. Furthermore, right after those strikes, ISIS forces attacked government troops. On September 19, there was another unacceptable provocation. I am referring to the bombing of a UN humanitarian convoy near Aleppo on a territory controlled by the armed opposition. Incidentally, it should be noted that on the same day, September 19, in the same area known as the Ramus road, Jabhat al-Nusra and allied detachments mounted a fierce attack on government forces. As a result, the jihadists advanced to Neighbourhood 1070.

I am not trying to make any accusations. However, I am convinced that such coincidences call for serious analysis and investigation. We insist on the most thorough and impartial probe into the attack against the humanitarian convoy. There are many indications that it could have been a rocket or artillery attack. Initially that was how it was reported. Then they started mentioning helicopters and then aircraft. Therefore it is probably necessary to refrain from emotional responses and to not immediately grab the microphone and make comments, but conduct a thorough and professional investigation.

It’s difficult to overstate what Lavrov’s statements will mean going forward: In the most diplomatic way possible, Lavrov just accused the United States of military coordination with ISIS and Al-Nusra. Or, at the very least, he is suggesting that the U.S. acted with full knowledge that these terrorists groups would immediately benefit.

Lavrov’s comments about the changing narratives of the aid convoy attack is easily verified: As we reported yesterday, the attacks were described first as involving helicopters, then Russian air strikes were blamed, and now not even NATO’s Secretary General is brave enough to speculate. Even the U.N. quickly dropped the “air strike” language after it was clear that it could not be substantiated.

The blatant bombing of Syrian army positions — coupled with the latest accusations against Moscow, without providing any evidence — makes it difficult to believe that a meaningful cease-fire agreement will ever be realized. And of course, an impartial investigation into the attack on the aid convoy will never materialize.

We are now reaching a critical stage in Syria. When Lavrov and Kerry announced on September 9 that a deal had been reached, Lavrov began his remarks with a rather ominous warning: “I have to say, the – some mistrust remains and some – there are some people who would like our – today’s arrangement to be undermined.”

Will the international community finally take a stand against Washington? If not, expect more “coincidences” — with disastrous consequences.

Meanwhile, mainstream media continue to pump out their standard fare about “Russian aggression.” Claims by the widely discredited Syrian Observatory for Human Rights are the basis of a USA Today report alleging that Russian planes dropped “dozens of bombs” Friday in rebel-held areas of Aleppo, killing 14 civilians; the report has the bombs landing on “civil defense centers.”

A BBC report, filed a few hours after the USA Today article, boosts the same incident’s death toll  to “at least 45 civilians” and possibly to as many as 91–adding also that “White Helmet volunteers frantically searched for those trapped in the rubble of demolished buildings, often with bare hands” as an additional touch.

The Western media seem to be serving as a weapon in this war, not unlike the tanks, howitzers and fighter jets. The Obama administration, whoever may be in charge of it at this point (it doesn’t seem to be Obama), is apparently attempting to set the stage for an escalation of the information war into an all-out shooting war.

9 thoughts on “Washington Seeks a ‘We Fly, You Don’t’ Zone Over Syria


    To get a TRUE picture of this insanity, picture Syria demanding a no fly zone over the US for our Air Force and our allies Air Forces, while they bomb our troops, and drop supplies to the Islamic terrorists….

  2. But you forget, Russia/Syria has already created a ‘no-fly’ zone over its’ troops. Last week it announced that any plane attacking Syrian or Russian positions or forces would be shot down.
    No more ‘regrettable errors’, no more ‘we will investigate’ from now on any attack on R/S will be retaliated against immediately. An Israeli plane and a drone were the first casualties, both of which fell into rebel/Israeli territory.
    You will note that suddenly, ‘coalition’ strikes have been off the table. Israel has retired to lick its’ wounds and pick up the pieces, Turkey is only using ground attacks.
    R/S on the other hand is openly attacking the US South East ISIS targets and even hitting the western and Israeli commanders with planes and missiles.
    The coalition knows that not even a toy drone goes unnoticed or unreported, the sky belongs to R/S, get used to it.

  3. “There can be no question of grounding US aircraft” over Syria, he said, adding that US jets conduct their strikes “with exceptional precision… that no other country can match.”

    So they admit that the murder of Syrian troops in Deir Ezzor was deliberate.

    Someone is getting bitchy, demanding that the USAF bomb Syria into oblivion. The same thugs know that they should of already been bombing Iran and that time is running out, since Americans are getting tired of these endless wars with no apparent goal, other than destroying Israel’s ‘existential’ enemies.

    Over the last two monhts, I’ve written two ‘Letters to the Editor’ of the St. Louis Post, pointing out that the US is committing war crimes in Syria and neither was published.

    So much for a free press, another lie pushed by the same perps that attacked the USA on 9/11.

  4. i would vote for hundreds of gallows on the national mall.
    instead of rope barbed and/or razor wire.
    hot dogs and cotton candy, lemonade
    all jewcons, jewpets, lobbyists, bankers in midair
    a joyous, glorious day, week, month
    a new declaration of independence
    to be remembered, celebrated for generations

  5. The zionist empire’s game is rigged as (((they))) only envision WIN-LOSE scenarios. Sociopaths and psychopaths have reached positions where the narratives of the MATRIX are carefully crafted.

  6. 5-D, I don’t think comments like this really help anyone other than perhaps those whose public hanging you call for. I would also remind you I have a policy against advocating violence–something I know you’re aware of, but which I guess you need reminding of every now and then.

  7. All I can say is, here we go again,this no fly zone thing is getting old, what the these Neocon maniacs mean to say is , the Us empire and cohorts can fly but Russians and Syrians cant fly,also – you Syrians are not allowed to defend yourself when the head chopping horde comes storming in..The US are now the official air support of al nusra front and ISIS,good to know your American tax dollars are spent well.. :/

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