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Guest Post: ‘What If?’


[ Ed. note – I listened to the BBC’s interview with Sergei Lavrov today. I don’t know the name of the gentleman who conducted the interview, but it was very much as if the man had “no ears to hear,” as Jesus would have put it. Lavrov patiently attempted to explain the situation in Syria– that foreign powers, including the US, have provided support to armed terrorist groups–but it was as if the interviewer had not heard a single word he said. The Russian foreign minister may as well have been talking to himself. To say that the BBC host was obtuse would perhaps be an understatement. It is outrageous that British taxpayers are forced to pay taxes to pay this man’s salary.

The story of Jesus casting out the demon named “Legion,” and sending him and his friends into a herd of pigs, may be nothing more than allegory. On the other hand, perhaps it really did happen. You can take your pick. In either event, the story, as I pointed out in a recent post, seems to serve as an illustrative metaphor for what we see happening in the world today–with the war pigs pushing us closer and closer to nuclear annihilation.

The major-power confrontation over Syria makes the Cuban missile crisis seem like a peaceful walk in the park by comparison. Back in 1962, neither side wanted war. This is not the case today. Today, one side in this conflict seems to have adopted a strategy of deliberately provoking war. To put it in terms of the gospel story, we seem to be at the midway point of the narrative just now–that is to say after the demons have been cast into the pigs…but before the pigs have drowned themselves in the lake. Strangely, I opened my box a day or so back to find that a gentleman I’ve had some email correspondence with recently has been thinking in similar terms. Below is his article. The byline is a pseudonym, but you might find the article interesting. ]

What If?

By SHARKHNTERS’ S.E.I.G. Agent Waldvogel

There is a saying that Evil’s greatest triumph was in convincing intellectuals that it doesn’t exist.

A Theology professor once told his class that the demon calling itself “Legion”, driven out by Jesus, which then entered a herd of swine, causing same to promptly take off down a cliff and drown themselves in the sea, was no (laughable) demon, but only the poor man’s “psychic problems” as we enlightened ones today would so easily recognize through modern psychology.

This author, then one of his students, asked him if a man’s psychic problems could today still be induced to enter a herd of swine who would all then commit mass suicide, and the professor shut up in embarrassment.

Psychic takeover and possession are standard practice in occult lore and practice, but to mention them today would not be “politically correct”. So what is political “correctness” ?

Political correctness is not really about increased respect of others. It is more about avoiding public censure, keeping them supporting you and your highly-paid seat in public office, whether you serve that public, or cheat it.

So lies have to be told to the public.

In the resulting consensus-psychosis world-view of a society going to hell by these lies by avoiding the real problems confronting it, lies are mandatory.

Even in highest office.

Lies patch the blatant holes in the official story. Beneath the patches, leaks multiply, which then mutate into more patches in the boat’s hull and finally there are only patches left and no boat anymore at all, and it all sinks, and everyone wonders why.

So what happens when someone is really possessed and, as Jesus said, known to us by their deeds, and it is obvious to all that they want to lead society into a catastrophic calamity for all, say a nuclear war, out of whose fear and panic demons will draw off the energies of hatred, fear, despair, grief and suffering, all the stuff they, like Legion, need to live on ?

And then that someone finally gets their comeuppance, or, in the case of a demon, perhaps their godownance, and physical Nature takes over and that demon-possessed person is dying ?

For a human being, that is the end. Their soul may survive and go on to other experiences in other lives, but their run in this world is over.

But what about a demon who has an agenda ? An agenda, say, to bring about a nuclear holocaust-for-all, so the demons can feed ?

Well, no problem ! – It, like Legion, can simply migrate into another body ! Whether that body be a rather far-fetched custom-grown body, a “clone” of itself – or ! – and far, far simpler ! – another human body that looks just like it !?

Out of a dead and departed old demon-rid and worn-out human body, perhaps already buried and mouldering somewhere in the ground, sunk at sea or simply cremated back into the fiery Hell its former inhabitant originally came from, there may suddenly emerge back into the public eye a younger, (perhaps by make-up appearing to actually look older !), invigorated person almost indistinguishable from the original – because its inhabitant is the same !

A person with almost the same looks but with the very same voice, gestures, mannerisms, as the original – and suddenly the planned war for human grief and demon fun/feeding is again – IN.

Nice card out of a sleeve, eh ?

One thought on “Guest Post: ‘What If?’

  1. The name of the BBC interviewer of Sergei Lavrov is Stephen Sakur,and yes the BBC news is one very poor news outlet,much of our UK MSM is infected with neo liberal elite faux left ideology, America is never wrong and spout on about Russian aggression and Vladimir Putin is a dictator,UK MSM is completely out of step with its viewers, readers and listeners,look at the comment section on any UK paper with a anti Russian article, you will see comments lambasting US imperialism and NATO war crimes,and on current affairs shows on the radio,most listeners are sympathetic to Russia ,with NATO encroachment of its borders,and listeners are also aware of US neocon support for ISIS and Al Qaeda,usually when one of these liberal elite presenters confronted by such info by a caller ,_the caller is casually dismissed as a Putin apologist ,this is what MSM is like in Britain, they try to silence you,and also certainly don’t tell em you occasionally watch RT :D,according to them viewers of such material must be gay bashing white nationalists,MSM has lost the journalism plot,certainly no longer the 4th estate..

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