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Roger Waters Expresses Support for Women’s Boat to Gaza

Musician Roger Waters again shows his humanity. Latest news on the Gaza women’s flotilla is that we are once again down to just one boat. As I reported two days ago, initially there were two boats that were to sail–the Zaytouna-Oliva and the Amal-Hope. The latter had engine trouble shortly after embarking from Barcelona, Spain and had to return to port there. The “Amal-Hope II” joined the “flotilla” (if you can describe one ship as a “flotilla”–which might be stretching it) in Messina, Sicily, but according to a report here, this effort, too, has now fallen through…due to lack of a crew:

“The new boat sailed from Messina to Palermo last week but “the delays meant that the crew we had lined up for the last part of the voyage were no longer available”, a statement on the activists’ website said.

“It was a Herculean task to get Amal-Hope II this far, but we just weren’t able to make it happen in time,” Eva Manly, a retired documentary maker from Canada, who was also due to be on the boat, said.

3 thoughts on “Roger Waters Expresses Support for Women’s Boat to Gaza

  1. Will the IDF sink it or attack it in international waters? When it comes to beating up or shooting unarmed women, Israel has no peer.

    Maybe they could add that sport to the next Olympics

  2. Dear Roger. I am an Israeli, 61 years in age. Not a politician at all. I have an office working with inbound Christian and Muslim pilgrims to Israel.
    I hope we can start corresponding and maybe meet.
    For the purpose that in time I can convince you that your critism to Israel is wrong.
    If only you can promise yourself you are really open to listen.
    I will listen too.
    Thank you in advance,
    Danny Amir

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