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3 thoughts on “Canadian Prof. Tony Hall: Latest Casualty in Zionist War on Free Speech

  1. From “200 Years Together” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn A History of the Russians and the Jews..page 181.

    But “we spread storms and thunder and expect to be cradled by gentle zephyrs…. I know you will shriek that I am justifying pogroms! … I know how much these people are worth, who think themselves salt of the earth, the arbiters of fate, and at the very least the beacons of Israel…. They, whose every whisper is about Black Hundreds and Black Hundreders, they themselves are dark people, their essence is black, very obscure indeed, they were never able to comprehend the power of creativity in human history…. It is imperative for us to make less of a display of our pain, to shout less about our losses. It is time we understood that crying and wailing is mostly evidence of emotional infirmity, of a lack of culture of the soul. You are not alone in this world, and your sorrow cannot fill the entire universe. When you put on a display only your own grief, only your own pain, it shows disrespect to others’ grief, to others’ sufferings.”


    Hey, has anyone heard or seen anything about the Syrian White Helmets since the Nobel PP was announced?

  2. I haven’t. Hopefully they’ve faded into obscurity, but I realize that’s taking the optimistic view. Not sure what the reference to “Black Hundreds” is, but Solzhenitsyn had some interesting insights for sure.

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