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Major Media Build a Universe for Hillary

[ Ed. note – The parallel universe that the media have built around Hillary Clinton is starting to show a few cracks. Two videos released over the past two days–scrutinizing a Democratic Party operative by the name of Scott Foval–have gone viral. The first one, uploaded October 17, has gotten 4.7 million views as of this evening, while the second, posted on the 18th, is already up to 2.1 million. The group which produced them, Project Veritas, is vowing to release similar videos at the rate of one per day from now up until the election.

Be that as it may, the mainstream media continue with their one-sided coverage of the presidential race. If the 2016 campaign has become the most absurd in the history of America, it is largely because the media have made it that way. It is the media, more so than the candidates, that have turned it into a circus, and I can’t help wondering how much credibility–already low to begin with–will be left them after this election is over. Why are the media doing it? Why are they in effect jettisoning what’s left of their credibility? Do they simply hate Trump that much? Or is there some other reason? In the following article Jon Rappoport delves into the media relationship with Hillary Clinton, and some of the points he makes give pause to wonder: just how much power do the Clintons really have? ]

By Jon Rappoport

The other day I wandered over to the New York Times to see what their front page looked like.

My, my. It was another universe.

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