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Russia Creates Outpost to Fight ISIS Terrorists Fleeing Iraq

[ Ed. note – The supposed liberation of Mosul from terrorists–is it another sham operation? For the past couple of days I’ve had the feeling this is what it is. In fact, seems to me there’s little likelihood it could turn out to be much else. Yesterday I came across this commentary by Finian Cunningham, who seems to be thinking along similar lines…and today South Front has released a video (see above) providing evidence ISIS convoys are moving from Iraq to Syria without being bombed by coalition planes. If the report is true, it would seem that the US is once again not serious about fighting terrorists–either that or they just don’t want to bomb their own Toyota trucks.

Crucially, Cunningham also points out the hypocrisy in Western media coverage of the Mosul operation as compared with its reporting on Aleppo. ]

Western Doublethink on Aleppo and Mosul Obscures Terror Complicity

By Finian Cunningham

The Syrian and Iraqi cities of Aleppo and Mosul have strikingly similar situations – yet the Western media perform a complete mental flip over the respective conflicts.

Consecutive reports in news broadcasts set new standards of doublethink by presenting the battles underway in each city as diametrically opposite, when in fact they’re the same. Both are crucial sites for the defeat of illegally armed insurgents.

Aleppo and Mosul, each located far north in neighboring Arab countries, are the second major cities after their respective capitals of Damascus and Baghdad. Both were important industrial hubs before being seized by internationally blacklisted terror groups.

Islamic State (IS or Daesh) grabbed Mosul in 2014 from where it declared a Wahhabi caliphate encompassing Iraq and Syria. Whereas Aleppo has been under siege since 2012 from the ideologically-related terror group known as Jabhat al Nusra (renamed Jabhat al Fatah al Sham).

While Russia-backed Syrian army forces have been waging an offensive to wrest control of eastern Aleppo for several months now, this week US-backed Iraqi military launched a campaign to retake Mosul.

Here’s where the Western narrative becomes convoluted with contradictions…

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5 thoughts on “Russia Creates Outpost to Fight ISIS Terrorists Fleeing Iraq

  1. Why aren’t Russian and/or Syrian jets or helicopters sending these ghouls to their just reward when they cross into Syria?

    Why did Russia allow Belgian F-16’s to bomb another Syrian city without shooting them down, like they promised?

    This might just be a Big Show, to keep the GOYIM quaking in their boots, to scared to ask questions about the fractured economy, shot infrastructure, pathetic public schools, millions of non-vetted refugees flowing in and the slide into sexual depravity, aided by Putin, who’s just another Rothschild actor.

    P.S. If the thugs are massing on Iraq’s border, then they would be out of reach, according to international law:


  2. Informative vid,so the US is still in cahoots with these takfaris and terrorists,it’s still pretty shocking,a another mad gambit by the neocons, i wonder how those US airmen feel when they are told to ignore those rather teach tempting targets..The constant repeat of this madness of regime change and the death and horror it causes, I thank Russia for halting this crazy plan,also these ziocons might just lose everything because many mid east countries have been building ties with Russia and China,yes all that blood for nothing..p.s.,the reporting on Mosul and Aleppo has been hypocritical and poor by MSM..

  3. There are questions about Russia in my mind, too, Greg. But at this point what I think we have to come to terms with is that Russia is the only game in town. If it turns out they’re serving the evil agenda as well, then we’re all locked in a Halloween house of horrors that we’re never going to escape from.

  4. You have to wonder at this point, Ozy, how many more mad gambits they’ve got up their sleeve. They seem to come up with one after another.

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