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Hezbollah Bids Farewell to Martyrs


This Hezbollah fighter was reportedly killed in fighting in Aleppo

Al Manar

Hezbollah and crowds bade on Tuesday farewell to two of his martyrs, commander Hatem Hmede and mujahid Jalal Affe, in Beirut’s Dahiyeh where they were laid to rest in Rawdat Shahidayn cemetery.

Commander Hmede and mujahid Affe embraced martyrdom while fighting the terrorist groups in Syria.


Hezbollah official Sheikh Mohammad Yazbek led the funeral prayers and the martyrs’ corpses were greeted by a number of the Resistance fighters who stressed their determination to follow their path.

Head of Hezbollah executive council Sayyed Hashem Safieddine delivered a speech in which he stressed the Resistance’s determination to pursue achieving victories despite all sacrifices.

Source: Al-Manar Website

2 thoughts on “Hezbollah Bids Farewell to Martyrs

  1. That’s a good pic,a Hezbollah warrior restoring a statue of holy mother Mary, it seems Hezbollah are not just defending their land from foreign Zionist/Saudi sponsored incursion, but defending religious pluralism in the mid east,and also seem to fighting the defaming of the religion of Islam by these alien forces..

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