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Israel’s Stench


[ Ed. note – Thomas Are is a liberation theologian and former Presbyterian preacher. In the following article he does some reflecting on why the Holy Land seems to have such a putrid smell these days. ]

By Thomas Are

When I think I have heard it all, then I read about Israel’s national stench policy. I am referring to Israel’s use since 2008 of “skunk juice” as a weapon to keep Palestinians under control.

Victims have no idea of its chemical make-up but if they are sprayed with it, it takes days of scrubbing to get rid of the stench. In a land where water is scarce, smelling like the sewer is a disheartening experience.

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7 thoughts on “Israel’s Stench

  1. What is more “disheartening” is to see that the critic does not dare to criticize Israel and let his criticism stand without sneaking in a disclaimer at the end so he cannot be accused of “anti-semitism.” I commented on it on his site under the article and hope he addresses it instead of deleting it. This is what I said:

    “”The Star of David, the symbol of a proud and praiseworthy Jewish heritage is far, far above skunk juice.”
    Yes, indeed. How low did they stoop from the proud and praiseworthy times at the beginning, when instead of ‘skunking’ they were cleaning hundred of villages. To the ground. Oh, yes, and Deir Yassin…”

    “proud and praiseworthy Jewish heritage”?!? THAT is a lie that stinks of Goy cowardice.

  2. Good post; thank you. I was introduced to Liberation Theologian Thomas Are only recently and am glad to have the benefit of his fearless and forthright commentaries.

  3. Good thing you asked him and not me, because I don’t know what “proud and praiseworthy” heritage he’s talking about either. Otherwise, though, I thought it was a good commentary.

  4. Liberation theology has a long a proud tradition resisting government repression in Latin America. Let’s hope it becomes as strong of a force in the Middle East as well.

  5. He did not delete my comment but has not replied. Instead someone else wrote this:

    “Thank you, Liberation Theologian Thomas Are and ariadnatheo. A la Moses’ “What shall I do with these people?”, these people are sick, sick, sick, and the Palestinians are condemned to view (smell the stench of) and experience the Zionists’ vindictive criminality 24-7-endless decades. These people need to be exposed fully, indicted, tried, subjected to a verdict, punished, and treated professionally for their severe psychosis. The Palestinians would appreciate it.”

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