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CIA, Hollywood Team Up on Anti-Russian Propaganda

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By Danielle Ryan

Negative depictions of Russia in American and British news and entertainment media are hardly new — but at least as far as I can tell, there’s certainly been an uptick over the past 12-18 months, and it coincides nicely with a major US government-led anti-Russia messaging campaign which has also spilled over into much of Western print and broadcast media.

Gratuitous mentions of Russia and Vladimir Putin where they are not necessary are becoming tiresome. For me, the last straw was sitting down to watch Bridget Jones’s Baby last month and being subjected to an entirely unnecessary and irrelevant subplot about the anti-Putin punk band Pussy Riot and their struggle for free speech. It was the last straw because it was just one more in a long line of useless allusions to big bad Russia that seemed to come from nowhere.

In the Netflix political drama House of Cards, Pussy Riot — the real ones this time — got their own cameo alongside evil Putin (not the real one). But even when there isn’t a major storyline attached to Russia, somehow the country frequently gets thrown in anyway. Russia is still the go-to country when there needs to be a joke about scary or immoral foreigners. There are endless examples.

In NBC’s Scandal, one character suggests Putin might randomly invade Belarus. In CBS’s Madam Secretary, one character spews the line: “I can’t go back to Russia, it’s a pigsty.” In the recently released movie Bad Moms, one of the bad moms, protesting something or other which I can’t recall, shouts “What is this, Russia?” The short-running show Allegiance was entirely about a Russian sleeper cell in the US which was suddenly reactivated and whose members — now fully adapted to blissful life in America — no longer wanted anything to do with Russia. How original.

NBC’s Blacklist has given us multiple Russian baddies and the sitcom 2 Broke Girls has made its fair share of Putin jokes. The third installment of The Purge introduced us to a gang of menacing Russian “murder tourists” who take advantage of the annual 12-hour period during which any crime, including murder, becomes legal. I could go on, but you get the idea: Russians are bad.

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7 thoughts on “CIA, Hollywood Team Up on Anti-Russian Propaganda

  1. Nobody seems to realize WHY this over-the-top demonization of Putin is dangerous. Frankly, I am surprised Richard did not in include a few remarks to explain it, pointing out specifically where the greatest hidden danger lies. Let me spell it out.
    “Putin is Hitler,” they say. Think about it for a moment. If Putin is Hitler (like Ahmadinejad before him) then Hitler was not Hitler. Do you get it now? This off-the rails anti-Putin campaign is a disguised attempt to deny the holocaust. Anti-semitism!
    This would not be allowed to happen if the ADl still had at its helm the incomparable Abe Foxman (may he rest in peace).

  2. Apologies for the premature posthumous reference to Abraham Foxman. Impatience is one of my worst defects. I found out that despite a lifetime of struggle and stress he is still alive.

  3. I agree with this article,the anti Russia/Putin media proboganda is on full throttle over here in the UK too ,but despite all that Vladimir Putin is very popular in the UK, and the powers that be are banging their collective heads with disbelief, they just don’t get it,Pax Americana has over 15yrs has brought us nothing but grief,endless war ,islamist head bangers,ileagle migrants and general terror,when you try to explain and link it to US war hawks your called anti american,even though the seething rage at US foriegn policy is almost entirely driven by Americans themselves, just look at the sites like the Ugly Truth mushrooming all over online,from people who consider themselves patriots aswell as christians, and other political wings,all hate the status quo,all dispise neocons and neo liberal interventionists and No amount Zio Hollywood proboganda is gonna qwell this Rage,this aint the 80s,this is 2016 and people are Fed up..

  4. We get it ,they’re using media Psyos to prep us for War,like 100 yes ago when Germans were depicted in news columns as demons with tails bayoneting babies,in this time and era the only demons with tails slaughtering babies are the ziocons and neo liberal interventionists..It will all fail because they might be able to hide the deaths of black ops special forces and mercenaries but the moment lots of US Stars n Stripes/British Union flag draped coffins on the mainstream news there will be holy hell to pay,the people wont stand for it…

  5. I don’t know, Ozy, Brits and Americans have been standing for a lot for a long time. But yeah, let’s hope they rise up and throw out the scoundrels soon.

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