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Hitler, Hillary, and the Media

Figuring out who the latest Hitler is can sometimes be a challenge. Some people think it’s Hillary Clinton. Hillary, for her own part, believes its Vladimir Putin; and the media are stridently trying to convince us that the new Hitler is Donald Trump. But the media don’t have many fans today–either on the right, where they are referred to disparagingly as “the liberal media,” or the left, for which the words “mainstream media” have become a supreme insult comparable to calling someone an ignoramus and the offspring of a lipstick-wearing sow–and the more they trash Trump, the more admirers the media win for him.

Of course, the Nazis lost the war, and history is always written by the victors, which means some of the Hitler analogies we’re hearing today may be a little off the mark. Maybe even a lot off the mark. But here, to try and make proper sense of it all, are two Swedish radio hosts.

7 thoughts on “Hitler, Hillary, and the Media

  1. adolph an ok fellow
    could invite for a beer
    Hitler is simply jewry
    any new Hitler can only be certified Hitler by jewry
    since jewry knows jewry best

  2. One thing that strikes me about US/western MSM is that they are supposed to be the fourth estate and they have failed in their duties in holding” power”, to account why is it left up to Julian Assange and wiki leaks??,Clinton should be never allowed to run for the presidency, she’s got more skeletons in the cupboard than John Wayne Gacey, heres some examples, the Benghazi issue,where her alledged lack of action caused the death of US ambassador and the marines who were there to protect him and his staff,her alleged shady deals with the Clinton foundation,the list is endless,also her warmongering ,when most of America want Out of mid east wars,and her alledged dodgy actions to destroy fellow Democrat candidates.The Hildabeast should of been disqualified a long time ago had “journalists”,done their Jobs…p.s 5DS,very amusing comment xD

  3. May just one more thing,it was said Hitler represented the wrath of the German people or its ID,I know a Freudian term ego,super ego _and so forth, yes Freud don’t play on this site :D,but that’s the one parallel that might be as Trump represents the wrath of the US people, only this time ,peace is desired not war,and perhaps every neocon and neo liberal arrested,of course no night of long knives scenarios, just them in the dock for treason..

  4. “Hildabeast”–that’s a good one! Vince Foster might appreciate that one. 🙂

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