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Hillary Halloween



Thank you to all our Patreon members who submitted ideas. It was a tough decision because there were so many good entries! Tina and I decided on one that included the phrase “I’m Witch Her” — a play on Hillary’s lame slogan, “I’m With Her.”

I decided to make the cartoon extra scary for Halloween, but the prospect of a criminal in the White House truly IS scary. Trump should win in a landslide—especially considering the latest FBI investigation—this time also involving Hillary’s aide Huma Abedin and her ex-husband, Anthony Weiner.

It’s my feeling the only way Hillary can win is if she and her operatives try to rig the election. If the witch Hillary succeeds in corrupting the election itself, it would lead to a lot of anger and protests. Maybe even a revolution.

Crooked Hillary and Bill the rapist are double trouble.

—Ben Garrison

5 thoughts on “Hillary Halloween

  1. roberthstiver. There is a lot behind all this. some people well informed like Roger Stone say that Huma Abedin and Hillary Clinton are lovers and there are many computer links that proove the affair. The two Clintons are perverts and Huma have links with Al Queda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood.

  2. Isaac, I’ve read and appreciate your comment. This is a strange world we live in. I hope the FBI investigation might provide some or all of those computer links. Meanwhile, Bill’s pardon of Marc Rich has re-surfaced. I read circa 2000 that Mrs. Rich (I’m sure of my recall that both Riches are Jewish and Zionists) was known to have spent some/many nights at the White House schmoozing (ahem) side by side with Bill.

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