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How They May Be Planning to Steal the Election


A software program has been detected that reportedly could enable one person to alter the outcome of next Tuesday’s election by causing voting machines to record votes in fractions rather than whole numbers. The system theoretically provides whoever controls it with the power to fabricate results not only state-by-state, but all the way down to the precinct level, and to leave no trace. Called “GEMS,” the program is reportedly already in place. For a full discussion on the matter, click here.

7 thoughts on “How They May Be Planning to Steal the Election

  1. The fix is in and has been since Israel and those TBTF Wall Street casinos decided Hillary was their man.

    When that psycho-killer gets her bloody paws on the Justice D and the Pentagon, Hell will follow, she’s going to teach us uppity peons that it’s not nice to mock the Clinton Mob.

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  3. The fix is definitely in, I would say. But there are probably another 10,000 or so leaked emails on the way. Wikileaks may be saving the best for the last.

  4. Don’t be surprised if the GOY TOY Obama pardons the bitch for any and all transgressions, just like President Ford did for Nixon and Bush the Elder did for his mob friends on his last week in office.

  5. USA USA USA,we Won,I’m gonna get out my stars n stripes flag my American aunt gave me and hang it up again, I know this site and many like it woke the people up to the truth, that endless war and global neo liberal economics was destroying the west,we now have a chance..

  6. Well at least we’ve averted the worst disaster, Ozy, which would have been a Hillary Clinton presidency.

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