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‘Liberal Internationalism Has Become a Godless Religion’

Interesting discussion on what Trump’s victory may mean both for America and for Europe.

From the video description:

Guillaume Durocher is a French political writer and historian. He has lived in many European countries and worked in politics and journalism. He writes for several Alt-Right publications, including The Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, and Radix.

We begin by discussing the results of the recent election. Guillaume compares Trump’s victory to Brexit, for the mainstream media – through its polls and pundits – failed to accurately predict either. We discuss what this means for not only America, but the West as a whole. Guillaume explains that the American nation-state is now run by a wildcard, and that if Trump drastically alters the course of America, Europe will follow suit.

6 thoughts on “‘Liberal Internationalism Has Become a Godless Religion’

  1. A global shift of earth’s axis.. a future of good possibilities.

    I don’t know how many others feel this or whether it is post election euphoria, but I haven’t felt this before!

    I read about this happening years ago. Do I jinx it if I talk about it?!

  2. video didnt do anything

    so i will relay exciting news from the art world

    pussy riot has accepted as new lead pussy, miley cyrus
    pr’s entertainment menu can now include a frozen turkey to go with the frozen chicken
    and miley’s screeching, tongue flapping blends perfectly with current members caterwauling, floor humping

    this ego booster makes up for no one wanting to grab hers
    when IT was very available for grabbing and grabbing was constantly in the news

    trump’s success already helping at least one career

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