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State Department’s Kirby Spits Venom at RT Reporter

If you’re going to accuse someone of bombing a hospital, it stands to reason you’d want to be specific about which one. Maybe at least give the name of the hospital, or tell what street it’s on. But John Kirby apparently can’t even supply the name of the city. Kirby, the same State Department spokesperson who a couple of months ago talked about Russian troops leaving Syria in “body bags,” has no specifics to give on the hospital bombings, or at least offers none, and instead engages in a heated, insulting exchange with an RT reporter for daring to even ask. Kirby, perhaps bent out of shape over Hillary Clinton’s loss in the election, conducts himself in a very immature manner.

9 thoughts on “State Department’s Kirby Spits Venom at RT Reporter

  1. The irony is no doubt lost on him, for sure. Double irony: more truth out of “state-run” RT than the “privately-owned” US media. Professional journalism in the US is in a state of collapse, and is in dire need of a new “business model,” you might say, but Kirby hasn’t figured that out yet.

  2. Gayane Chichakyan is not probably my fave TV news reporter,she is professional ,truthful and to say very charming, that Kirby fellow was very low in his verbal attack on both her and RT,I’m from the UK and the BBC is also a state funded network, but unlike RT the government has a direct influence on editorial line,the BBC took the anti brexit line,also it involved itself in the Scottish referendum and is pro humanitarian war,but I doubt Mr Kirby would treat the BBC the way it treated the RT reporter, i thank the admirable US reporter for sticking up for his colleague.. Kirby is a war dog, and him and his ilk is the reason why the world is in chaos,neoconservitism is as evil as communism ever was..

  3. Kirby and his fellow fifth columnist, Toner, are mean, nasty SOB’s whose only talent is their ability to lie and be smartasses.
    Next year, they’ll be ensconced at some think tank, getting well paid for their past atrocities.

    Looks like RT might get banned from SD briefings or at least lose their press pass to the same.

  4. rear admiral i read somewhere
    not much good on ships
    couldnt tell anchor from widget
    moved from ocean to office
    filled with donuts and coffee
    not much of a liar
    never make honorary jew
    just a bootlicker
    and gofer

  5. Type o,”Gayane is one of my fave journalist”,the neocons are still fuming at Clinton losing the election and blame ALT media and media outlets like RT for telling the truth about their dubious activities, Kirby is just is just throwing his toys out the pram.Face it fellas you lost, suck it up..

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