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Syrian Army Liberates Portions of E. Aleppo as West Strikes Back with Propaganda Avalanche

As you can tell from the above video, the Syrian Army and allied forces are making tremendous strides in liberating Eastern Aleppo from terrorists. But of course, every time Russia and Syria begin to make gains in this struggle, that’s when we see a ratcheting up of Western propaganda. The present case seems to be no exception.

And apparently the master deceivers have hit upon the motherlode of all propaganda assets in the form of a Twitter account set up under the name of “Bana Alabed”–an account purportedly belonging to a 7-year-old Syrian girl, who adheres remarkably to the US propaganda line and who has even tweeted for Russian officials and the president of Syria to be taken to the International Criminal Court. The online persona has captured the heartstrings of Western “journalists” and even British novelist J.K. Rowling, who reportedly has sent the persona copies of her Harry Potter books.

Here is one of “Bana’s” tweets:


Funny how I landed on the site at the time the above message had been re-tweeted 666 times. And should anyone find it a tad suspicious that a 7-year-old might be able set up a Twitter account all on her own and capture the entire world’s attention, well, there’s an explanation for that as well: Bana has help from her mother, “Fatemah,” who, according to the BBC, “studied journalism and politics.”

“Bana’s sole purpose in tweeting is to tell us about the bombing of Aleppo by Putin and Assad, and to ask us to do something about it,” writes Barbara McKenzie, who has posted an analysis entitled “Bana of Aleppo: The Story So Far,” which is quite good and I highly recommend. McKenzie’s conclusion is that the whole thing is a scam, much like the White Helmets and the “Gay Girl in Damascus” of a few years ago.

Meanwhile the media are pouring it on. The NY Times is describing that taking place now in Eastern Aleppo as a “ferocious ground assault and aerial bombardment,” while Reuters pontificates that Assad aims “to seize all Aleppo before Trump takes power.” CNN rails that “up to 16,000 people” have fled Eastern Aleppo as the Syrian “regime”  (headed up by its brutal dictator, you know) “pounds it with airstrikes” and as Syrian troops “storm” through it–all this in an article which also has a UN official describing it all as a “chilling situation.”

What do the three articles have in common? No where, in not a single one of them, can any elation that the terrorists are being defeated be found. In fact, the word “terrorist” doesn’t even appear at all, each of the three reports uniformly employing the more homogenous term “rebel” instead.

5 thoughts on “Syrian Army Liberates Portions of E. Aleppo as West Strikes Back with Propaganda Avalanche

  1. GDP of u.s. = 50% corruption + 50% propaganda + 0% productive jobs.
    good luck prez elect trump
    the swamp and its leeches will take effort
    80 million of your voters will help
    i say 80mil cause cant be more than 40 mill morons in ny and west coast

    seems hill and jill show over
    jill learned never too late to become a whore

  2. All I can say is Great!!!, the brave Syrian Arab army has the head choppers on the run,as for those white helmets AKA Al qeada,either imprison them or let them meet their fate from a Russian SU -35 fighter jet,No where to run No where to Hide!

  3. Typical msm,there’s No mention of the rebels shooting the civilians,lies and damn lies,they are on the wrong side of history.Long live Syria!! ,and long live President Assad!

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