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Jesus Left Behind at Christian Zionist Bash

leftehindRecently the people at We Hold These Truths posted a podcast interview with former Christian Zionist Craig Hanson, who earlier in November staged a one-man protest outside a Christians United for Israel event in California.

You may remember a prior podcast with Hanson I posted back in October in which he discussed his indoctrination into Christian Zionist ideology at an early age, as well as how he began to see the light after meeting some Palestinian Christians.

In this latest program he discusses a stand-alone vigil he conducted outside of the Lakeview Assembly Church in Stockton, CA on the night of November 6, 2016, when the church held a “Night to Honor Israel.” The event was sponsored by Christians United for Israel, the organization directed by John Hagee, and in the program Hanson discusses how, other than his own protests signs, there was virtually no mention or acknowledgement of Jesus anywhere on the church grounds that night. The podcast is entitled, “Jesus Left Behind at Christian Zionist Zionist Bash,” the words “left behind” obviously being a take-off on the Christian-Dispensationalist-themed “Left Behind” series of novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

Here is a bit from the program description. Follow the link below to the full podcast.

When attending a Christians United For Israel (CUFI)don’t expect Jesus to be invited even when held at a venue like the Lakeview Assembly Church in Stockton, CA. We Hold These Truths‘ CA Outreach Director, Craig Hanson, conducted a one man vigil recently at a CUFI Night to Honor Israel” event held at Lakeview. Then, Craig went into the lion’s den claiming to be a Christian to find out that Jesus was left behind and not mentioned. Craig’s report is most interesting and informative.

Click here for full podcast

As an aside, I came across this tweet a bit earlier and thought I would share it:

Michael Dickson is the Israeli director of the pro-Israel organization Stand With Us, and his tweet seems to be intentionally deceptive. It of course makes no mention of Shimon Gapso, the mayor of the Israeli city of Upper Nazareth, who a few years ago declared a ban on Christmas trees, nor does it mention the vandalism of Christian churches and monasteries in price tag attacks presumably carried out by Jewish settlers.

Jews have a lengthy history of trying to deceive Christians and pull the wool over their eyes. This is not only with regard to the true nature of the conflict in Occupied Palestine, but also applies to a  slew of other topics, including the contents of the Talmud, and should anybody doubt that I suggest they get a copy of The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, by E. Michael Jones and read it.

Though coming only very gradually, it does very much appear that other Christian Zionists are beginning to follow a path similar to that taken by Craig Hanson–which is to say they are opening their eyes and seeing the light. And We Hold These Truths is playing an important role in that regard. We can only wish them well.

4 thoughts on “Jesus Left Behind at Christian Zionist Bash

  1. The “conversion” of Christians by Zionists was planned over 150 years ago & their product, the Scofield Bible, is a resounding success. Where, but in America, can a drunken woman beater become a venerated biblical scholar & have his name precede the Bible. With Jewish help, of course. The blind man Hagee has been blinded by the entity who can appear as an angel of light. Just like Scripture says.

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