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Trump’s New Appointees Have Same Old Wall Street Connections

[ It seems like every time Americans vote for “change we can believe in” (Obama campaign slogan from 2008), what they end up getting is the same old same-old. Betsy DeVos, named last week as Trump’s choice for Education Secretary, turns out is the sister of Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater USA (known today as Academi), the company that supplied paid mercenaries for the US war in Iraq (a war Trump says he was opposed to). Steven Mnuchin, announced today as the president-elect’s pick for Treasury Secretary, is a former partner at Goldman Sachs.

Meanwhile, Trump held a meeting a few days ago with former General David Petraeus, who is rumored to be under consideration for Secretary of State, after which he tweeted, “Just met with General Petraeus — was very impressed!”

Trump, of course, campaigned on a platform of shaking up the system, or “draining the swamp,” as he put it, and in the commentary below, Charles E. Carlson poses the question: Where are all the changes and the new faces everyone was expecting? And he also suggests that those who voted for Trump might want to call the Trump Executive Committee, at 646-736-1779, and express their concerns (politely, of course).


By Charles E. Carlson | We Hold These Truths | Nov. 30, 2016

Maybe Donald Trump should pick Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State?

Those choices Donald Trump is considering for the most important jobs seem to represent the same connections as did his defeated and disgraced opponent, party being the only real difference.  Trump was fond of saying of Hillary, “lock her up”, but some of his choices, including General David Petraeus, are deeply tarnished with a similar brush as Mrs. Clinton, and most come from the same banking and political power structure.  Front runners for Hillary’s bloody old job are said to be Rudy Guliani, Gen. David Petraeus, and Mit Romney, none of which are the new, clean, fresh faces we were expecting.  Are they not all beholding to Wall Street every one?  It only gets worse when we look at other choice for high office

According to Bloomberg news: “President-elect Donald Trump said Wednesday he plans to nominate former Goldman Sachs Group Inc partner Steven Mnuchin as the next U.S. Treasury Secretary.” This key cabinet post has been in the hands of Goldman former officers through Democrats and Republicans. According to Walls Street oracle, Bloomberg, Mnuchin carries plenty of tarnish and possible major league corruption that only Goldman Sachs alums seem to get away with.  According to Bloomberg, Mnuchin, was involved with Bernie Madoff, but did not loose.  He amazingly slipped out without a scratch, and there is much more!  Mnuchin should not be within a mile of taxpayer’s money, but he is to be Secretary of Treasury?

What happened to the new, fresh faces, including one very pretty one, a supporter of Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, who was interviewed for Secretary of State and pronounced that her goal would be avoiding more wars, at the top of her priorities.  It seems we have heard no more of her. She knows about war, a veteran, a reserve military officer, a member of Congress who claims to have a real committed to peace.  Should that not be the job of the Secretary of state?  Where is the commitment to peace of those front runners…I have yet to heard a word of it!

Maybe the revolt needs to be continued? Perhaps calling President Elect Trump and telling whomever answers the phone to bring on the new faces…Is that not what we voted for?   Trump Executive Committee number is:  646 736 1779.

5 thoughts on “Trump’s New Appointees Have Same Old Wall Street Connections

  1. It gets worse with every new appointment announced. We hoped against hope.
    Just rearranging the beds doesn’t turn it into a girl dormitory in a Catholic school: it’s still a bordello.

  2. There is a lot of unpleasant truth posted on this site :
    The facts she presents explain a lot about Trump and those who are now openly controlling him. Some of L.C.’s posts may appear weird and are actually vulgar interspersed with some very disturbing info. She spells it out quite frankly about Trump not being faithful.

  3. Interesting blog by a Christian woman. Yes, the language is a bit explicit at times, but thank you for linking to it.

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