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Samantha Power Tosses Logic Out the Window

It would seem obvious to anyone with a modicum of sense and logic that the way to get humanitarian assistance to the people of Eastern Aleppo is to liberate it from the terrorists. In fact, I put up a post a bit earlier consisting of two videos showing exactly that: aid being distributed to civilians in a newly-liberated area of the city.

In arguing that the most humanitarian course now is to leave the remaining enclaves in the hands of terrorists, Power is making the same mistake US officials have been making for a number of years now: she is tossing logic out the window. US officials like Kerry, Obama, and Power have relied upon this strategy–i.e. defenestrating logic–for one reason and one reason only: the mainstream media. Such is the media’s power to distort reality that the Obama administration, and yes, even the Bush administration before that, have assumed they can even go so far as to stand logic on its head and no one will notice. And for a long time they were correct.

Now they’re all scratching their heads and puzzling to themselves, “Hmmm….well, it worked before. Why isn’t it working now?”

As we saw in the election last month, the media have lost enormous amounts of credibility with the public–and for people like Samantha Power, the full ramifications of this apparently have not completely sunk in.

3 thoughts on “Samantha Power Tosses Logic Out the Window

  1. Sadly there are very few diplomatically speaking people representative of the leaders of today from the west. I can no longer watch powers she literally makes me tremble with rage.I am however pleased as well as relieved to see the worlds people have awoken to the truth of the art of misdirection.

  2. I’ve viewed videos online showing what a mad neocon psycho Samantha Power is,there is one from earlier in the year where the Russians have just vetoed the US again and that vid a wild eyed Power actually tries to physically intimidate Ambassador Churkin using her considerable height,actually there is some quite funny commentary on the situation, according to top psychiatrist she shows signs of what is known as asthenic psychopath which may explain her quite odd behavior, also the one thing that has bugged me about elements of staffing in Obama’s administration is how rude and obnoxious they are,eg,Hilary Clinton’s Hitler insult to President Putin,Kirby’s attack on the RT reporter etc etc,this has got to be the rudest and vile members of government staff ever,even compared to Bush Jr era,I mean I did not like Condaleeza Rice but she has Class,in Obama’s era the likes Samantha power have No class and indeed quite psychotic, plus they have both embarrassed themselves and their country,Ambassador Churkin has shown steadfast professionalism in dealing with a Crazy succubus of a woman.. 😀

  3. Thank God we will be shed of this bit*h Power in just days. I have the greatest hatred for her sins over too many years. I know that I am supposed to forgive the sinner while hating the sin, but that is extremely difficult here….

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