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Native Woman Shot in Face with Tear Gas Canister Gives Interview

Vanessa Dundon, also known as ‘Sioux Z’, was shot in the face with a tear gas canister just before Thanksgiving. Doctors are now saying she will likely not regain vision in her right eye. The incident took place at the Standing Rock protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Dundon is one of a number of people who are now part of a class action lawsuit charging officials in Morton County, North Dakota, and the city of Mandan, with excessive force.

5 thoughts on “Native Woman Shot in Face with Tear Gas Canister Gives Interview

  1. The only major news outlet covering this story is RT,where is CNN,CNBC or any other major corporate msm? ,another reason why msm should be condemned,what happened to the fourth estate?, they are supposed to be representing the people against the powerful.. I hope after recent events I hope CNN goes to the wall,CNN does Suck!

  2. Why did they think they had to try to remove the burned vehicles (who burned the vehicles that were Naional Guard owned vehicels AND HUNDREDS OF TIRES) The violent protesters did! The bridge has been deemed unsafe for people to be on the bridge for three months! Now all of a sudden in the middle of the night, they wanted move the junk?  Not really, they just wanted a confrontion with the police.  It is not the ‘peaceful protesters’ that are doing this….  and neither Sophia Witoski nor Vanessa Dundon were ‘peaceful protesters! In fact the peaceful ones have asked the violent ones like Sophia and her father and Vanesa Dunn to leave the camp! It was more than likely a Molotov Cocktail that she and Sophia were learning to use at the protest site that made this happen!

  3. I don’t doubt there have been acts of violence on both sides. Crucial questions are was the law enforcement officer justified in shooting this woman in the eye with a tear gas canister? How close was he when he fired the shot? Did she have a weapon in her hand? Was she known to the officer? Did he have it in for her? Questions like this will invariably be explored should the case go to trial, but of course cannot be answered here.

  4. It’s interesting, Ozy. I can remember a time when we here in America, and you there in Britain as well, used pity the Russians for having only “propaganda outlets” rather than proper news media. Consequently, the Russian people, it was said, were “brainwashed”! My how times have changed!

  5. Oh come On Eileen!,the native people are fighting for their existence as a people as a Race,the water is vital to them,so things would get heated,that is area where their warriors are buried,its sacred land to them,you wouldn’t build on the Arlington memorial grave yard or Ghettisburgh because that too is sacred ground where the honoured dead lay,in a conflict like this some will get emotional and lose it,especially young men,the state of “Dakota “,is named after the native peoples,one would not have to be a mathematical genius to calculate the odds of a accident,-accidents do happen when gas or oil is being transported,just remember the oil spillages by bp in the southern states and damage it has done to the fishing industry..

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