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Please Help Support This Website

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I’ve decided to start making a pitch for reader support twice a year. The last time I did so was back in June, and as a result of that I was able to get the Internet bill paid off, which came due in September. Of course, there are going to be new challenges in the coming year.

The mainstream media will come up with creative new lies to tell that will need refuting; Israel will continue being an excessive drain on US taxpayers, appropriating more and more land from the Palestinians, all the while portraying itself as an innocent victim of terrorism; the Zionist neocons, who obviously now have their foot inside the door of the Trump Administration, will go to greater and greater lengths to instigate a war–with Russia, with China, with Iran, or who knows who else–while the Fed will go on creating money out of thin air to finance those wars.

But a few things are starting to change for the better. It looks like all of Aleppo is going to be liberated, possibly before Christmas. So that will certainly be something to celebrate! In either event, this website will continue to be a source of light, love, truth, and yes, upon occasion, laughter as well. So please do what you can to help us. For those of you who gave in June, thanks once more and maybe consider a second contribution if you feel so inclined. If you haven’t donated before, please consider making the leap. Just click the button below. It’s really rather painless. No amount is too small.

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