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The US Doesn’t Want Peace in Syria

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[ Just as the terrorists are near defeat in Aleppo, suddenly ISIS launches an attack from “various directions” against the ancient city of Palmyra–in what is obviously a very well planned and coordinated attack from someone, or group of someones, in command of the terrorist group. This news comes of course just as it has been announced that 200 additional US special forces have been sent to Syria and as the Obama administration has waived prohibitions on the delivery of weapons to Syria. All of it lends credibility to what Neil Clark states in the following commentary: that the US does not want peace–either in Syria or, it seems, almost anywhere else in the world. ]

By Neil Clark

Last week US President Obama waived military aid restrictions for “foreign forces” and others in Syria. When hopes were raised for an end to the Syrian conflict following the recapture of most of eastern Aleppo, the US is pouring more petrol on the fire.

Now, we can question as to whether this will make a massive difference on the ground as we know the US and its allies have already been backing “foreign forces” in Syria. However, at least it shows people who may have had their doubts, as to what Washington’s game is. Namely, to prolong the agony for the people of Syria for as long as it can. The attitude is: If we cannot topple Assad, then we’ll damn well make sure we’ll keep his country burning.” And all this – lest we forget- brought to us by an American President who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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3 thoughts on “The US Doesn’t Want Peace in Syria

  1. I am very happy at the liberation of Aleppo, but when admiral Kirby was asked about the jubilant celebrating in the city of Aleppo, he was deeply uncomfortable and lied about his knowledge of it,these type of people think patriotism is a western thing and have a mental block that a eastern country has the right to appreciate such a concept.A country is more than just buildings ,it the government, the civil service, police and army that ensure there is Law and Order, without it you have barbarism, but I rejoice with the Syrian people at the liberation.I hope soon that those Isis demons are exterminated in Palmyra..long live Syria and President Assad..

  2. P.S. 5,000 Isis animals in open desert crossing from Iraq does Not go unnoticed by the most sophisticated serveliance apparatus in the world,there is evil at work, and I believe Trump should look into what should be called Treason,yes these Neocons are” Traitors”,US marine Blaine Cooper called them traitors,what else would you call people that are the enemies of America people that have killed Americans,Obama is indeed the worst president,Bush Jr was atleast a loyal patriot who didn’t arm terrorist thugs ,who in the past have killed US and Western citizens..

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