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The Hypocrisy of the US Media

The media’s outrage over Vladimir Putin’s alleged hacking of the US election is a bit rich. After all, the US has been in the business of overthrowing governments and installing puppet rulers for years. The media, in trying to drum up animosity against Russia, are also employing twisted logic, although they’re probably too blind to see it. Consider this: if it’s true that the Russians really did hack into the DNC, Americans, by all rights, rather than being angry over it, should actually be grateful to the Russians. How else would we have found out about the rampant corruption in in our nation’s capital which the leaked emails disclosed? Certainly not from our media.

I found the above posted on Facebook. It seems to pretty well sum up the shameless and blatant hypocrisy.

One thought on “The Hypocrisy of the US Media

  1. The real fake media outlets (MSM) also shutting down competition. Video sharing could be used to disseminate “fake news.” No more on Twitter, which gave virtually no marketing support after the costly acquisition of Vine:

    From SiteProNews
    Almost four years to the day of Twitter’s $30-million acquisition of the popular video sharing app that the Los Angeles Times once called, “…one of best social media apps in the market,” Vine is officially dead.

    The Vine and Twitter team announced on Oct. 27 that the app would be “discontinued,” but the website and six-second videos would remain accessible, for now.”

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