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15-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Denied Visa for US Speaking Tour


[ Ed. note – Ahed Tamimi is the blond-haired Palestinian girl who has been seen in countless videos and who always seems to stand out–not only because of her striking looks and young age, but also because of her persistent determination in resisting the Israeli occupation. That’s her in the photo above–taken, I think, about five or six years ago. Here is a much more recent photo of her:


Tamimi was slated to be part of the No Child Behind Bars/Living Resistance speaking tour that is to tour the US beginning on January 15, 2017, but according to an email sent out yesterday by the Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA), she has been denied a visa to enter the country. I guess the thinking at the State Department is that anyone who bunches their fist and shakes it in the face of an Israeli soldier must be a terrorist.

Of course it isn’t difficult in the least to figure out why the Israeli government would prefer not to have someone like Ahed–described by FOSNA as “charismatic and articulate”–going from city to city in America discussing the brutal injustices she and others her age are subjected to on continuing daily basis. It would take a fair bit of mainstream media bellowing about “Hamas rockets” to offset the public relations disaster.

But the tour, it seems, will proceed anyway, and even though Ahed will not be here physically, plans nonetheless are being made to link her to US audiences via live-stream video. Of course the girl is subject to arrest any time–or alternately Jewish settlers could just happen to attack her home in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh before the video teleconferencing is set to begin. You never know how these things are going to work out. About all I can do is say a prayer for Ahed and her family, and I encourage others to pause now and do likewise.

The email from FOSNA:

Living Resistance Tour Update

 photo fosna_zpseeaslq8w.jpg

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that we share that the U.S. Consulate has failed to provide a visa for Ahed Tamimi to travel to the United States at this time. Though we will continue to advocate for Ahed to gain access to the United States for future speaking opportunities, it does not at present look as though Ahed will be able to join us in person for the Living Resistance Tour.

 photo livresist_zpsaq1jahwr.jpg

Efforts to silence voices such as Ahed’s only serve to motivate us at FOSNA to amplify Palestinian struggle and resilience. We will not give up. Arrangements will be made to bring Ahed to each of the tour cities via video to speak on the situation on the ground and share her story. We will amplify her voice, even though she cannot be with us in person. Ahed will be joined by Amanda Weatherspoon, a Unitarian Universalist minister whose ministry is centered on collective liberation and cross-movement solidarity between oppressed peoples. Together, these powerful women will connect state-sponsored violence and the criminalization and incarceration of youth in the United States and Palestine. Nadya Tannous, a writer and organizer in the Bay Area who has researched the detention of Palestinian minors since 2013, will join the tour to provide additional insight into the realities Palestinian minors face within the Israeli detention system.

Despite this setback, we will move forward with the tour to build coalitions that will organize around halting state repression and state-sponsored violence. To see when the tour will travel to a city near you, check out the Living Resistance website. To help organize publicity and audience outreach in your city, get in touch with the tour organizer, Nadya Tannous. Finally, you are always able to financially support this effort via this link.


Tarek Abuata

47 thoughts on “15-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Denied Visa for US Speaking Tour

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  2. I also received the FOSNA release and thank you for expanding its reach. What caught my eye, immediately and again now, is “…the U.S. Consulate has failed to provide a visa for Ahed Tamimi….” Just whom do the Consulate General and his/her staff work for? The CG, the official responsible for issuing visas, and the visa-intake person, at a minimum, should be cashiered and reassigned to someplace like Burkina Faso (sorry, BF, I merely chose the first thought in my mind) — or allowed to resign from the US Foreign Service.

    I’m considering calling Sister Elaine or Mr. Abuata at FOSNA and asking for a Consulate contact (e-mail, tel.) while suggesting that a petition drive be initiated.

  3. Blonde hair? Does she also have blue eyes? Mein Gott in Himmel!

    How can the most powerful country on the planet be afraid of a 15 yo girl? Guess the pen is mightier than the sword.

  4. I would imagine the occupiers of Palestine are far more terrified of Ahed than they are of Hamas rockets.

  5. I thought about including a phone number for the State Department in the post, but decided against it. If they do launch something like that, let me know, and I will do another post on it.


  7. It is disgusting that Zionazis have this much control over U$ Government functions. Israhell prefers violent Palestinian resistance, which they can respond to with their signature overkill, as we saw in Gaza in 2014. God bless Ahed Tamimi and the Palestinian people!

  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/250494888438498/permalink/699652886856027/?comment_id=699659626855353&reply_comment_id=699665676854748&notif_t=group_comment&notif_id=1482260664532470

    they’re afraid little shirley temper is going to start barking the truth in our militarized cop’s faces.

    Nader Jalajel Exactly!

    Tommie Jay Wasserberg that little girl is one of the hero’s of the resistance. her whole family has been heroic and they’re the link to the native american genocide over indigenous people’s water rights.

  9. i was one of the last students of a prominent anti-zionist reform rabbi who taught us the truth of zionism as children. today, the zionists have nothing but insults and jingoistic junk judaism to scream at me when i point out the truth about the shameful thing they have done. .

  10. Ahed Tamimi is a bigot, trained by her parents to spread anti-Zionist hatred. It’s amazing that you people are blaming Israel for not allowing this 17 year-old professional propagandist to spread her hatred of Jews in America. It was the U.S. State Department that denied her a visa. I am very proud of my country today!

    Why is she still claiming to be 15 when she is clearly 17? Here’s proof: http://www.israellycool.com/2016/03/10/have-the-tamimis-been-lying-about-daughter-shirley-tempers-age/

  11. Your hateful, bigoted terminology and open anti-Semitism is exactly why the USA prevents bigots like Ahed Tamimi from entering. Her hatred leads to fear, suffering and more attacks on the peaceful Jewish community in the United States.

  12. “The truth of Zionism”? What exactly is that? Do you even know what Zionism is? Your language shows that you cannot grasp the ideas of Zionism nor the definition. Sad.

  13. Hallelujah! With the high number of hate crime attacks on Jewish people in the United States, it is good to see that the State Dept. will not be importing any more hate from the Arab world. (Jews in U.S. are victims of more hate crime attacks than any other religion according to FBI stats., 20 times more attacks on Jews than Muslims)

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  15. @Craig:
    Why are you downplaying the suffering of the Jews in the US? Six million Jews have been victims of anti-semitic hate in the US. The FBI refuses to provide figures on how many perished in gas chambers and how many miraculously escaped death when the shower heads spewed water instead. Of the Jews who saved themselves, some remembered Irene Zisblatt’s story and, while still incarcerated, swallowed their derivatives and hedge funds, which then they recovered from their stool and swallowed again and again until they made it to freedom and reached Wall Street.

    It’s understandable that you are “proud of Israel.” It is the embodiment of Judaic values, but why do you call it your country instead of your state? You know it is not your country and it is time you stopped being coy about it and pretending anyone buys the myths of the burning bush cult. Simply say: “We grabbed it. And we plan to keep it at all costs.”

    Those Palestinian children are a PR problem: too many videos showing the IDFers being scared of them. That is why this girl coming to the US had to be stopped at all cost; you said it yourself: FEAR.
    But as children, adolescents or young adults they are a prime source of organs, so you can’t complain, can you?

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  20. Another Jew for Trump? It sounds like that. Promoters of ethnic and racial wars are mostly violatiors of the central values of the people and groups tey pretend to represent, eg, ISIS, radical Zionists, etc.

  21. You’re right. I guess if you were of a people which was stolen by immigrants, your home demolished or given away to a needy Bulgarian refugee, your village destroyed , thousands and thousands of your landsmen pushed out of the homes, all their assets, their jobs, their real estate, their agriculture, even their demand deposits stolen by Jews, and then pushed out a second time by “settlers”, brave frontiersmen protected by thousands of Israeli soldiers, and you witness the slaughter of 531 children in Gaza, and 7000 Palestinians in the prisons of these immigrants, and your are humiliated, controlled and kept destitute for three generations, I guess then that you might just “hate” the criminals behind these crimes.

    Jews came to Palestine with the intention of stealing the land because they owned only 6-7% of it. They lied about these plans as needed. No Palestinian ever came to Eastern Europe with the intent of stealing Jewish farms, businesses, bank accounts, etc. This never happened, did it?

    This is where any stupid notion of symmetry breaks down. The Jews elected this fight, not the Palestinians. Jews had ready-made agents in all the important countries working incognito to advance the theft of Palestine. They steal have these thousands of enablers, Jews who serve Israel before, say, the US where they have citizenship. These Americans are a virtual fifth column and should be driven from government offices, period.

  22. It does not surprise me this young lady was banned because what she has is dynamite to all the zio US media,she has something powerful to say and her physical appearance does not conform to the stereo types the zio US media have of both the mid east people and Palistinians in general, plus America and the west is youth and looks driven society add that less important apparall with charisma and perhaps strong articulate points to advocate the rights of the Palistinians and as i said you have dynamite that could challenge the perception created by zio msm,to them that makes this teen kid dangerous..

  23. She was denied a visa? Well now she can join club of others who are denied visas. That’s life, Miss Rabble Rouser.

  24. So Ahed is a “rabble rouser” for resisting an unjust, brutal and illegal occupation? I often wonder if Zionists have any inclination of how absurd and disjoined from reality they sound.

  25. Thank you, sir, for replying to “Oh Well” in words more temperate, on point, and concise than any I might have managed.

    As to “Craig” (3x above): that’s another Zionist piece of work.

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  27. you are wrong…The TRUE SEMITES are the Palestine people..fake jews are from europe and usa , they have NO RIGHT to be in Palestine..given by the rothchilds for bringing the yanks into the war..

  28. Anti-Zionism is anti-racism. Zionism remains racism, notwithstanding the change in the UN resolution. The Israelis are notorious racists and so are their supporters, American Jewish organizations and the American Jewish community.

  29. Craig, people like you make me sick to my stomach! You are peaceful, anyone who opposes your agenda is a hater. Ahed Tamimi is fighting for her rights to live in her ancestral home. Zionazi Jews have invaded and occupied by force. Tamimi deserves to have her story heard. That’s what democracy is about.

  30. ” Dynamite to Zionist Media ? “. With all due respect, it’s the JEW Media . Zionism is Judaism ,and Judaism is Zionism. One cannot exist without the other. The Yahweh ” burning bush cult ” , is ALL about stealing Caanan ,and genocide of ALL Gentiles, along with rule of this planet . Whatever tiny group of ” Anti Zionist “, Jews exist they are just an exception,and often false flag gate keepers.

  31. Judaism itself is the most racist , reactionary , tribal based ideology / religion devised . NOTHING compares to it’s depth , application ,methods , and evil intent . Varying degrees of Jews might be not like this . But the core ,and essence of it ,born of a tribal war God ,who is ,” jealous,” and exclusive,and creating of a ” Chosen People” ,who are the ” Apple of (this God’s ) eye is . Otherwise it would not of had this power over the centuries, upon centuries, since it was conceived . There is NO spiritual value in Judaism and it guards this power ,and conception with murderous, subversive zeal ..” Better one man die then an entire nation ( Israel ) ,the Chief High Priest Caiphus said ,when deciding to ” kill Christ”.

  32. As a proud German – American and historian ,I am personally tired of people in this ” cause ” , using the term ,” Zionazism”. The Jews laugh at this oxymoron Playing the Jews OWN historical LIES against then is a dead end ,and know it’s an attempt to innoculate the user from.the ” evil Nazi ” image the Jews have created through their media control . It does NOT protect the user ,and is not only a bad analogy ,but ineffective one . The German nation was declared war upon by International Jewry twice last century,and is occupied Zionist.Territory since WW2 . It’s traditions , culture , economy, ethnic heritage under as the Jews thumb ,as is Palestine . This child’s blonde green eyed genetic code infuriates the Jews . She is a beautiful outcropping of the original Gentile inhabitents of that region, whom the Jews ,as in Europe want wiped from the earth ….along with ALL free intelligent Gentiles. ,” The best of the Goyim must be killed ,”.The Talmud .

  33. Point well taken, Dante. I myself am a third-generation German-American…will have to rethink my oft-written “zionazineoconism.” I use it as an all-encompassing epithet for those considering themselves “chosen” and intend it as a term almost anyone can or should relate to as “the ultimate satanic evil.”

    You write elsewhere in this comment thread that Judaism is Zionism, Zionism Judaism. Yes, but I consider militant/political Zionism an aberrant-but-probably inevitable extension of Judaism, and it is Zionism that must be “erased from current events and lamented in the pages of history,” with their religion (most of them are in fact spiritual atheists, no?) suitably shamed and tamed.

    Meanwhile, I must re-check my yesterday’s mail, but isn’t the Tamimi family back in the news big time–injured, home raided, detained by the psychotic Zionists in charge of the Zionist entity so-called Israel? May God damn Zionism and its every practitioner…He’s slapped down the Jews before, but if He won’t take on Zionism, sane humans must step up and do the work thoroughly and completely. The Palestinians’ lives and very existence as a population group depend on it….

  34. I do not believe this to be true. Zionism is political. Judaism is a matter of Faith. There are many Jewish persons out there who are opposed to Israel. Your words are inflammatory and not true. Am I Jewish? No I am not, although I am a Semite, who is totally opposed to the Zionist occupiers.

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