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A Coup in America? 3 Perspectives


CIA Director John Brennan

[ Ed. note – On the eve of the day the “electors” are scheduled to assemble to confirm Donald Trump as president, a number of people are speculating that the US may be on the verge of a coup. Below are three perspectives. ]

A Spy Coup in America?

By Robert Parry

As Official Washington’s latest “group think” solidifies into certainty – that Russia used hacked Democratic emails to help elect Donald Trump – something entirely different may be afoot: a months-long effort by elements of the U.S. intelligence community to determine who becomes the next president.

I was told by a well-placed intelligence source some months ago that senior leaders of the Obama administration’s intelligence agencies – from the CIA to the FBI – were deeply concerned about either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump ascending to the presidency. And, it’s true that intelligence officials often come to see themselves as the stewards of America’s fundamental interests, sometimes needing to protect the country from dangerous passions of the public or from inept or corrupt political leaders.

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Is the United States Facing a Coup d’etat?

By Annie Machon

I fear that soon the curtain will finally be brought down on the puppet show that passes for democracy in America, and those who for decades have been pulling the strings will come raging into the light, red in tooth and claw.

The illusion that the people really have a choice of president every four years will be irreparably shattered.

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Only a Counter-Coup Can Save American Democracy

By Paul Craig Roberts

The CIA has long engineered coups in other countries. Now we are approaching at breakneck speed a CIA coup in the USA.

When the presstitute media first published unverifired, unsourced leaks attributed to unnamed CIA officials, both the FBI and the Director of Homeland Security said that they did not embrace the accusation that Trump’s election was a result of Russian interference in the US presidential election.

Now suddenly we have a report from the Washington Post, a rag whose integrity is in doubt and a mainstay of anti-Trump propaganda suspected of being a CIA asset, that the FBI and Homeland Security are in agreement with the anonymous leaks to the presstitutes:

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4 thoughts on “A Coup in America? 3 Perspectives

  1. It’s pretty ironic to realise that the US has been trying to force ‘Regime Change’ in the middle east & Russia for the past few years, only to suffer a monumental regime change back home!
    The biter…bit. Ha!

  2. Yeah, I guess it sounds like karma in a way except for the fact that it’s a coup to continue the regime changes rather than stop them.

  3. Will it be a bloodless coup d’etat? Not for the murdered in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Ukraine, etc.

    What’s that old adage about getting a taste of your own medicine? If there is such a thing as karma, the USA is heading to Hell.

    Triggered feminist SJWs vandalise naked Hillary Statue in New York

    Months after naked statues of Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump appeared in major US cities, an artist erected one of rival Hillary Clinton in Manhattan on Tuesday. The response was lively.

    Created by 27-year-old Anthony Scioli, the Clinton statue was set up outside of Bowling Green subway station in downtown New York at roughly 6:00 AM, portraying the Democratic candidate as having hoofed feet while holding a banker to her chest.


    Actually, the thought of seeing the Wicked Witch of the East nude is horrifying, but at least one could see her hoofed feet!

  4. The woman vandalizing the statue should have been arrested. I’m like you, though. Nude photos/statues, etc, of Hillary Clinton don’t entice me in the least.

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