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Spitting Vitriol

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Israeli leaders seem to be spitting a lot of vitriol these days over the recent UN vote. It’s almost as if they’re discharging their sputum into a revolving global fan blade. We don’t really know where the spittle is going to end up next.

On Christmas Day, the Israeli government summoned the ambassadors of ten different countries, presumably for a vitriolic dressing down over the resolution which passed the Security Council two days earlier. At a Cabinet meeting, later, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Nentanyahu openly accused the Obama administration of being the prime impetus behind the resolution.

“According to our information, we have no doubt the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated the wording and demanded it be passed,” he said.

At least some of the spittle, however, seems to be catching a tailwind from the fan and blowing back into the Israelis’ faces. Nina Ben Ami, the Israeli ambassador to Uruguay (Uruguay is currently a member of the Security Council and voted in favor of the resolution), issued a public rebuke to top officials in that country but seems not to have chosen her words with care. (H/T Ariadna )

“Please allow me [to speak] a sincere word in this moment over a recent event,” said Ben Ami. “I have to say that we have been disappointed by the support that Uruguay gave to the resolution of the UN Security Council, which attacked Israel again, while other atrocities and territorial conflicts much more serious go on unnoticed.”

“Other atrocities…much more serious”? The implication (probably unintended) is that Israel commits its fair share of atrocities, they just tend to be somewhat less serious than those committed by other countries.

The ambassador also alluded to the other Security Council members in a manner which, considered in a certain light, might be construed as menacing–although gratefully she seemed somewhat more forgiving toward Uruguay.

“El primer ministro habló de cosas que quiere hacer con quienes votaron la resolución. Pero no todos los países están en la misma situación. De Senegal y Nueva Zelanda que hicieron la propuesta ya hemos removido al embajador. No es el caso acá en Uruguay asi que buscamos como salir de esa situación pero es complicado”, concluyó Ben Ami.

Which according to our interpreter, Ariadna, translates to:

“The Prime Minister [i.e., Netanyahu] talked about what he wants to do with those who voted the resolution. But not all countries are in the same situation. From Senegal and New Zeeland — who proposed it — we have already recalled our ambassadors. It is not the case of Uruguay, so we are looking to see how we can get out of this situation but it is complicated,” concluded Ben Ami.

Yes, of course. Everything always becomes “complicated” whenever anyone gets to justifying the longest occupation in world history.

The spitting continued on Wednesday in a response to a speech given by Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington. Attempting to lay out the administration’s reasons for not vetoing the UN resolution, Kerry said, “The two-state solution is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians” and reiterated his belief that current Israeli policies are contravening that goal.

“The Israeli prime minister publicly supports a two-state solution, but his current coalition is the most right-wing in Israeli history with an agenda driven by the most extreme elements,” Kerry said.

“Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by world leaders. No one wants peace more than the people of Israel,” Netanyahu riposted.

He also accused Kerry of “attacking the only democracy in the Middle East” and laid claim that Israel is the “only place in the Middle East where Christians can celebrate Christmas,” insisting at the same time that “all of this doesn’t interest the US Secretary of State, unfortunately.”

If it was a spitting contest between Kerry and Netanyahu, it looks like Netanyahu is hands down the winner.

In fact, the Obama administration now seems to be crying uncle. Following Netanyahu’s response, Ben Rhodes, White House Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications, went on CNN to assure the world that the US will veto any further resolutions critical of Israel which may come up during the remainder of the president’s term in office.

It is a shame we have officials in what is purportedly the most powerful nation on earth succumbing so easily to intimidation from a foreign leader, but it looks like top brass in the Obama administration will be carrying umbrellas whenever venturing outdoors between now and January 20.

15 thoughts on “Spitting Vitriol

  1. oh wow….the “only” place in the M/E that Christmas can be celebrated?such mythology
    persists with lying Netenyahoo. He’s obviously forgotten thousands of extremists that he and his system have been feeding and inciting for tens of years..ultra orthodox/The Revolt gang that lights Palestinian homes and people on fire, destroys/defaces Christian facilities near settlements, burned New Testaments and ‘spits’ at tourists, especially non-chosen-ites (at the least). That’s what has been populating Israel and the West Bank for years…multiplying like mad…and not ever missing an opportunity to ‘spit’ at “the others”…who ever they are…

  2. When is the inauguration? January 19? Three weeks left before vacating the premises.
    Then this:

    “Ben Rhodes, White House Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications, went on CNN to assure the world that the US will veto any further resolutions critical of Israel which may come up during the remainder of the president’s term in office.”

    may have been Obama’s puny last revenge: a mocking promise. He must have high-fived Michelle to celebrate his wit.
    And Sarah “Redeemable-Bottles” Netanyahu must have had a tough job getting Bibi’s venom sacs to stop pumping.

  3. All anyone has to do is a search for “churches vandalized in Israel,” and it becomes pretty apparent.

  4. I found it a terrible irony that, as Kerry for the first time semi-honestly assesses the Israeli/Palestinian situation, the reason is not that he cares so much as the agenda to create problems for the incoming administration.

  5. ““In the midst of our own financial crisis and budget deficits, we repeatedly increased funding to support Israel. In fact, more than 1/2 of our entire global foreign military financing goes to Israel. And this fall we concluded an historic $38 billion memorandum of understanding that exceeds any military assistance package the United States has provided to any country at any time,” said Kerry.

    A summary of acts of TREASON for the benefit of a foreign state, which he presents in defense (!) against the complaints by the parasite state that the “host” failed to protect it at the UN against the entire world’s disgust and condemnation of its criminal predatory behavior.

  6. Around 200 nations on the planet, and the only one Americans hear about is usually Israel: Israel wants this or that; Israel demands this; Israel demands more money and weapons to keep from killing Palestinians; Israel, Israel, Israel.
    If there was a Gold medal for being self-absorbed and whining, Israel would take it every year.
    Israel couldn’t even get ONE vote on the UNSC in its favor, yet the world is to blame for being anti-Semitic or Jew haters, it’s never Israel’s fault, their G-d wouldn’t allow his Chosen people to be at fault.

    Most of the world knows ME peace goes thru Palestine, but Israel doesn’t want you to know that, you just keep focused on the endless War of Terror and Israel will supply the False Flags.

  7. I noticed also he was trying to make it sound like we are trying to “save Israel from itself.” Tough love–we’re doing this for your own good–that seemed sort of the track he was taking.

  8. Kerry seems of the opinion that one speech is going to make people forget about 8 years of duplicity and of acting in Israel’s, rather than America’s, interest.

  9. I GUESS, although I’m no expert in political analysis, but I have read this and it makes sense: This may be a covert attempt at abolishing the UN, which Israel no longer needs. The United Nations Organization was founded in order to protect Israel in her infancy, but now that she has grown into the monstrosity that she is, the UN is no longer needed. It is possible that Israel needs a way out of the UN, and that the USA will follow suit. Israel will then call for a new, but similar organization to be headquartered in Jerusalem (which will eventually become Israel’s capital). The leader of this body will become the ruler of the world. The Jewish Mesiah/ the Antichrist.

  10. It certainly sounds plausible. I don’t think the UN has many fans these days or either end of the political spectrum. About all I can tell you, Leila, is that there is a long tradition in Christianity, going back I think to at least the second century, that the antichrist would be Jewish.

  11. I just found the opportunity to open to this post. Thank you for it and for all the excellent on-point comments. The world now should know without any doubt that WashDC is Zionist-Occupied WashDC and that the “entangling alliance” that President Jefferson warned against (and President Washington in similar verbiage) benefits in this case only one “ally” — an even more fraught situation. I have registered at several blogs/conversations my disgust that the craven, genuflecting US could not find the cojones to make the vote on Resolution 2334 15-0 rather than 14-0-1. More proof of the stranglehold of Zionism….


  13. The only thing “special” about the US-Israeli relationship, Guze, is that it’s entirely one-way: all the money, perks, armaments, and other generous bestowals of gifts and other favors flow from the US to Israel. I’ve yet to see a single Israeli give a nickel to an out-of-work American.

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