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Lebanese Writer Answers Netanyahu’s Bogus Claim About Christmas

Christmas tree in downtown Beirut

Christmas tree in downtown Beirut

[ Ed. note – The writer of the piece below is Elie Fares, who maintains the blog A Separate State of Mind. The language he uses is a bit “colorful” in places, but he makes some good  points about a bogus claim that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made yesterday. In a diatribe against Secretary of State John Kerry–and given in response to a speech Kerry made earlier in the day–Netanyahu claimed, falsely, that Israel is the “only place in the Middle East where Christians can celebrate Christmas.”

I put up a post about the Israeli leader’s rant yesterday entitled Spitting Vitriol. ]


No Netanyahu, Israel Isn’t the Only Middle Eastern Place Where Christians Can Celebrate Christmas

A Separate State of Mind

In his increasingly childish bitchfit against the international political establishment that saw his country’s transgressions through settlements on Palestinian land finally made illegal with a UN resolution banning Israel – yeah, right – from building more of them, the Israeli PM is lashing out at his country’s closest ally and the reason Israel has been off the hook in everything it’s done for years, the United States.

As part of a rant aimed at US Secretary of State John Kerry whose tone was very moderate towards the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, with him recognizing the plight of Palestinians and their refugees, the land grab they’ve been victim of, among other things, Netanyahu figured it best to remind Kerry, and by extension of his buzz words that you know will circle Fox News for months to come, other Americans and Westerners who see Israel as the only worthy beacon of civilization in the Middle East that – and I quote:

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2 thoughts on “Lebanese Writer Answers Netanyahu’s Bogus Claim About Christmas

  1. Great post! And, as a commenter at the base site noted, let’s not forget the celebration of Christmas in liberated Aleppo, Syria….

    Netanyahu should, by all that’s right, spend the rest of his days in a strait jacket in a ward at a maximum-security prison at some unknown location…a place for criminal psychotics.

  2. He blatantly lies I think on the assumption that enough people are so misinformed (that is, getting all their news from the mainstream media) that hardly anyone will notice, but that is obviously not the case anymore, as the results of the presidential election demonstrated.

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