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Playgrounds for Palestine

[ Ed. note – Playgrounds for Palestine is a charity that has two branches, one in the US and one in the UK. Both are “an expression of solidarity with the plight of children.” ]

Peace in Our Name

Think back to those hours and hours you spent on a single swing, or whooshing down a wet slide, shouting and getting dizzy on a small roundabout or just meeting up with friends away from home. We take these moments for granted in the UK or America, yet our childhoods make us who we are. Now the children of Palestine are able to at least take precious time out to be with their friends in a safe place and to swap the alleyways of their camps, where few playgrounds exist, for colourful spaces to celebrate their childhood, and all thanks to an amazing charitable initiative begun by a group of Palestine supporters in America, and now in the UK, called Playgrounds for Palestine.

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Additional links: Playgrounds for Palestine-UK, Playgrounds for Palestine-US

2 thoughts on “Playgrounds for Palestine

  1. bout time for new and colorful targets
    nothing like a plump toddler
    on a moving swing
    or hanging from a ring
    great practice

  2. Well, 5-D, I think the thinking at the charity, at least in part, is that playgrounds have a better chance of surviving the next Israeli bombing than residential buildings, power plants, and sewage treatment facilities. Although if the Israelis did decide to deliberately target playgrounds at some point in some future war, it probably wouldn’t be too much out of character.

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