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Another Billboard the Mainstream Media Can’t Quite Fathom


A TV station in North Carolina has published a report on a strange, new billboard that has cropped up in their area that some local residents, at least those who work in the media, are having trouble figuring out.

The billboard in question is similar to the one pictured above. The artwork on it is by the British artist Banksy and depicts Mary and Joseph coming up against Israel’s apartheid wall while attempting to get to Bethlehem.

“It’s only been up for a week and a half, but if you did see it, you might be wondering what the meaning is behind it, just like we did,” says the reporter in a report which can be found here.

The billboard was paid for by If Americans Knew, the organization founded by Alison Weir, who, to the station’s credit, is given airtime in the report.

Another interesting aspect is the behavior of a local man who is also interviewed and whose obvious reticence to comment on the billboard may be–and probably is–due to fear of being accused of anti-Semitism.

“I know what the meaning of it is, that’s why I don’t want to comment on it. I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory,” he says.

All this comes just a few days after I posted an article commenting on another billboard, one that went up in Detroit in 2015, and which also left local media reporters similarly puzzled–or at least pretending puzzlement. As I commented,

The poor TV reporters simply cannot fathom–or at least pretend not to fathom–what the billboard means. “Is it meant to be ant-Semitic or something else entirely? wonders one.

“What exactly does the statement on this billboard mean?” asks another, referring to it as “the million dollar question.”

What we seem to have here is an epidemic of cluelessness. Or at least feigned cluelessness. This, of course, from people whose job it is to inform the public.

Moreover, the report doesn’t endeavor to explain why a billboard in an American city–advocating that America’s interests should be placed first over Israel’s–should even be regarded as “controversial” in the first place. And of course, the reporters are obligated to trot out a member of the Anti-Defamation League to explain it all away as an “old anti-Semitic canard.”

And this is why I say it’s a perfect illustration of where we find ourselves today: Jewish power is the 3,000 pound elephant in the room. It exists. Of that fact there is no doubt. But sadly, no one can talk about it.

Interestingly, the TV report on the new billboard, in North Carolina, did not include comments from the ADL, although maybe that’s just because the ADL hasn’t gotten around to opening a branch in the Appalachian Mountains yet. What is clear, of course, is that either with or without a local ADL office, there is tremendous fear of Jewish power. It is evident in the words of the TV reporter, and especially in the demeanor of the man who refused to talk about the billboard on camera. Even the fact that billboards like this arouse such “controversy” in the first place is testimony to that fear.

America may have once been the “home of the brave,” but that doesn’t seem by and large to be the case any longer. With growing attacks on the BDS movement, with people losing their jobs or being denied tenure for saying the wrong thing, with even the president of the United States being fried, basted, and roasted for merely abstaining on a UN resolution, Americans in increasing numbers are becoming cognizant of who holds the reins of power in their country.

14 thoughts on “Another Billboard the Mainstream Media Can’t Quite Fathom

  1. Good on Alison Weir! The spiritual and geopolitical implications are clearly presented for those who are willing to see and think just a bit. Alison is all about education — and the justice that must flow from it — and this is a valiant attempt to change the discourse in our America that has been so thoroughly Zionized.

  2. The National University of Ireland, the University College Cork (UCC), is scheduled to hold a conference to debate that Israel has no right to exist. The 3-day conference will be held on March 31-April 2, 2017.

    The conference is organized by Israel-born professor Oren Ben-Dor whose earlier attempt to hold a similar conference at the Southampton University was cancelled by then home secretary Theresa May under Jewish Lobby pressure in March 2015.


  3. Grateful thanks for this post. It gives pause and it gives inspiration.
    Search ‘Banksy’ on the internet for more brilliant images of his profoundly moving and scathingly accurate artwork. While querying, consider ‘Palestine Poster Project.’
    Thanks also to Fig Trees and Vineyards for your continuing efforts. 🙂

  4. In Genesis 49 and Deut. 32&33 there are NO “Proselytes” to
    Talmudic Judaism.

    the Children of Israel did not turn into the Gog & Magog ‘Proselytes” to
    Talmudic Judaism {Modern day so-called “Jews”}

    Modern day so-called “Jews” cannot be ‘Israel’ !

    Jesus @ John 8:44 describes the “Jewish” narrative and the “Progenitor”
    of the “Jewish Narrative” agenda…!

    the good news is the exit strategy from the stool sculpture deity cult
    compound…found @ John 8:32.


    No Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo,
    No “Jews” in the Old Testament

    the so-called “Jewish” state in Palestine is a violation
    of the 9th commandment

  5. Should be an interesting conference–if the university doesn’t cave into pressure and cancel it. Thanks for letting us know about it, Rhemat.

  6. “Israel’s right to exist” is a Jewish invention based on the legerdemain of conflating “Israel” — the state — with the Israeli Jews in order to make it seem like advocating the rubbishing of this odious state is the same as advocating exterminating its citizens.
    It is blatantly obvious that Israel, like any other state, past or present, has no inherent “right to exist.” States are superstructures toppled by its own citizens (see history for monarchies removed and replaced by republics, or republics destroyed by coup d’etats and replaced by dictatorships). Sometimes foreign powers do the toppling by coup d’etat or war.
    Didn’t Iran under Mossadegh have a right to exist? How about Iraq under Saddam Hussein? How about Libya? Syria?
    Ziocons make the question “Do you believe Israel has a right to exist?” a sort of litmus test to establish “anti-semitism” and intimidate critics of the Jewish state.
    The correct answer is that no state has an inherent right to exist but Israel’s legitimacy, questionable at its birth, has become impossible to uphold.

  7. You make a good point. People have a right to exist. State’s don’t–an adage that would especially apply to any state run by war criminals.

  8. a satanic cult compound run by the Synagogue of Satan {MONEY CHANGERS}
    who have a global crime syndicate model originated by the money changers whereby mass murder is the source of ffilthy lucre, {to pay the scribes & attorneys}and who HATE the Messiah for the Children of Israel {who have never been “Jews”}
    is not a country…or a “Nation” it is – DE FACTO –
    a global crime syndicate CULT COMPOUND –


    and all the “cult memebers”…who stop believing the lies
    and find out the TRUTH…{John 8:32} …could come out…!


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