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4 thoughts on “Al Jazeera’s Report on the Israeli Lobby in Britain

  1. This video gives you the creeps.
    Any opposition to Jewish takeover is called “anti-semitism” just like Palestinian resistance is called terrorism. When people like Gilad say “We are all Palestinians” we should not take that as some sort of figure of speech but as a profound truth.
    Once the Jews are firmly in the saddle, if they are allowed to continue, those now called “anti-semites” will be called terrorists and hunted down. “Legally.”

  2. But, you’re supposed to be watching and snickering at Herr Trump getting into a pissing contest with CNN. Not actual news.

    Report to the nearest ADL-FEMA Indoctrination Camp!

  3. To whom it may concern:
    I didn’t mean what I wrote, honestly. (Thank you, Greg Bacon, for bringing me to my senses.)
    There is nothing more important to me than fighting against anti-semitism — the ugliest hate crime imaginable because it targets innocent people who have suffered more than any other throughout human history. I am not only thinking of the 6 million of them gassed with insecticide (a very slow death), turned into soap and lampshades (the two articles the Germans could never get enough of and obsessively hoarded) and then burned in crematoria. I am also thinking of the millions (soon to reach “6”) being killed by Hamas rockets launched from Gaza. I am thinking of all the Jews killed in batches of 6 million in the past, currently, and, horrible to imagine, in the future.
    Why did I write it then? I don’t have a clue. I think it is something deep inside my white Christian psyche that very much resembles anti-semitism which bursts out from time to time, partially controllable but not eradicable.
    I apologize to any eternal victim whose sensitivity I have offended. Furthermore, given my hard-wired white Christian anti-semitism that I am struggling to overcome, I wish to offer a Goy Kol Nidre prayer, asking to be forgiven for any vile anti-semitic utterances I will unavoidably be responsible for in the coming year.

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