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Britain, the Book of Esther, and Al Jazeera’s Exposé on the Lobby


[ Ed. note – A few days ago I posted part one of Al Jazeera’s three-part undercover investigation into the Israeli lobby in the UK. You will find parts two and three at the bottom of this post. I am also sharing an excerpt from a commentary posted today by Gilad Atzmon, who notes that even though the series of reports shows “how Israel and its lobby plot against Britain and the Brits,” the program nonetheless “failed,” as he puts it. The Al Jazeera team, he says, “softened” the report “with the usual politically correct fluff.” Or, to use a distinctly American idiom, they simply couldn’t bring themselves “to call a spade a spade.”

Atzmon also notes something I have noted in the past as well: that the Old Testament book of Esther provides what could possibly be thought of as a blueprint for how the pro-Israel lobby operates today. In the book of Esther, we have a couple of ancient Jewish lobbyists (Queen Esther and her relative, Mordechai) working to corrupt and seduce the political leadership of Persia in order to engineer the downfall of the enemies of the Jews. More than 75,000 Gentiles meet their deaths at the end of the book–a denouement that is celebrated today as the Jewish holiday of Purim.

As Atzmon comments, “For obvious reasons, Al Jazeera chose not to delve into the deep, cultural meaning of the Israeli operation. Israel is, above all, the Jewish state and, as I have mentioned many times before, plotting against other people’s regimes is deeply embedded in Judaic teaching and Jewish culture.” ]


Why Did the Al Jazeera Exposé Fail?

By Gilad Atzmon

“The Lobby”, the Al-Jazeerah expose of the Israeli Embassy and the Jewish Lobby infiltration into British politics is a landmark in journalism. It seems that Qatari TV outsmarted Israeli intelligence in the UK and beyond.

In the program, an undercover journalist named ‘Robin’ managed to infiltrate into the corridors of the Jewish lobby in Britain, secured the trust of a senior Israeli intelligence officer and, most importantly, managed to reveal the depths of Israeli interference in British politics.

We learned how Israel and its lobby plot against Britain and the Brits. In the program, Shai Masot, an Israeli official was caught on camera conspiring to “bring down” a British minister.

We learned how our own treacherous MPs shamelessly serve a foreign power and foreign interests. In Episode 3 we witness British politicians and Israeli lobbyists such as MP Joan Ryan  caught on camera smearing a Labour voter as an ‘anti-Semite’, and practically conspiring against her own party. Ms Ryan does it all for the Jewish state, a state with a horrid record on human rights and war crimes.  I wonder what is it that motivates MP Ryan? Is it  greed, or is it just power seeking?

The Brits should certainly ask themselves how come it is left to a Qatari TV network  to reveal the shocking news about their democracy being taken over by a foreign Lobby. Should this not be the concern  for the BBC or the Guardian? And even after the Al-Jazeera expose, the British media remained silent and the question must be asked: would it have stayed as silent had Shai Masot been a Russian? Would it have stayed as silent if MP Joan Ryan was exposed as an Iranian lobbyist?

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4 thoughts on “Britain, the Book of Esther, and Al Jazeera’s Exposé on the Lobby

  1. Christians celebrate the holy days of Christmas and Easter, while Judaism goes orgasmic over the thought of some Jews murdering hundreds or thousands.

    What kind of a religion celebrates death and mayhem as their holy days?

  2. “read the bible through in 365 days.” the “did you read your bible today?” culture.
    the plethora of genocidical accounts is only one [biggy] that made the experience burdensome. it bore fruit: not the least why i quit the religion in my oldster years. “belief in a cruel god makes a cruel man.”

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