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Media Coverage on Syria Biggest Lie of Our Time, Says Priest in Syria

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Flemish Father Daniël Maes (78) lives in Syria in the sixth-century-old Mar Yakub monastery in the city of Qara, 90 kilometers north of the capital Damascus. Father Daniel has been a witness to the “civil war” and according to him, Western reports on the conflict in Syria are very misleading. In short: “the Americans and their allies want to completely ruin the country.”

Interviewer: You are very critical of the media coverage on Syria. What is bothering you?

Father Daniel: “The idea that a popular uprising took place against President Assad is completely false. I’ve been in Qara since 2010 and I have seen with my own eyes how agitators from outside Syria organized protests against the government and recruited young people. That was filmed and aired by Al Jazeera to give the impression that a rebellion was taking place. Murders were committed by foreign terrorists, against the Sunni and Christian communities, in an effort to sow religious and ethnic discord among the Syrian people. While in my experience, the Syrian people were actually very united.

Before the war, this was a harmonious country: a secular state in which different religious communities lived side by side peacefully. There was hardly any poverty, education was free, and health care was good. It was only not possible to freely express your political views. But most people did not care about that.”

Interviewer: Mother Agnès-Mariam, of your Mar Yakub (“Saint Jacob”) monastery, is accused of siding with the regime. She has friends at the highest level.


Syrian nun Mother Agnes Mariam with Irish Human Rights activist Mairead Maguire and Syrian children

Father Daniel: “mother Agnès-Mariam helps the population: she has recently opened a soup kitchen in Aleppo, where 25,000 meals are prepared five times a week. Look, it is miraculous that we are still alive. We owe that to the army of Assad’s government and to Vladimir Putin, because he decided to intervene when the rebels threatened to take power.

When thousands of terrorists settled in Qara, we became afraid for our lives. They came from the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Turkey, Libya, there were many Chechens. They formed a foreign occupation force, all allied to al-Qaeda and other terrorists. Armed to the teeth by the West and their allies with the intention to act against us, they literally said: “This country belongs to us now.” Often, they were drugged, they fought each other, in the evening they fired randomly. We had to hide in the crypts of the monastery for a long time. When the Syrian army chased them away, everybody was happy: the Syrian citizens because they hate the foreign rebels, and we because peace had returned.”

Interviewer: You say that the Syrian Army protects civilians, yet there are all sorts of reports about war crimes committed by Assad’s forces, such as the bombardments with barrel bombs.

Father Daniel: “Do you not know that the media coverage on Syria is the biggest media lie of our time? They have sold pure nonsense about Assad: It was actually the rebels who plundered and killed. Do you think that the Syrian people are stupid?Do you think those people were forced to cheer for Assad and Putin? It is the Americans who have a hand in all of this, for pipelines and natural resources in this region and to thwart Putin.”

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8 thoughts on “Media Coverage on Syria Biggest Lie of Our Time, Says Priest in Syria

  1. Here is the beautiful Eva Bartlett setting a somewhat smug western journalist straight on what’s what in Syria. Ms. Bartlett is the type of person who restores your faith in humanity;


    Here she is in an interview on RT, “It’s not a civil war – This is a war ON Syria”

    Aleppo didn’t fall, it was Liberated! “The Truth about Aleppo”

  2. Thanks for sharing Siljan. I had seen the first two videos, but had not seen the third–posted by Partisangirl a few days before Christmas. Truly inspirational!

  3. My pleasure. I’m glad you found it inspirational. Thanks for all you do to to fight for truth and justice. Don’t ever think that it is in vain what you are doing. I’m sure you are reaching a lot of people on a daily basis with your excellent blog.

  4. yes mam has lied and lied and have his the truth, but thanks to brave journalists like Eva Bartlett who exposed the truth,she not only schooled her fellow journalists at the UN, she put them to shame,the criminal use of western monies that were used to finance Al qeada and Isis have been 6dispicable,and as for those “white helmets”, they have been exposed as a “Al nusra front “PR outfit..p.s Hollywood must be mad to put that Al qeada /white helmets faux documentary up for a Oscar,_just how out of touch are the Hollywood liberal elite??

  5. p.s. type o “msm”, the Hollywood liberals have shown themselves to be fakes who live in a bubble..

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