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Israeli Company Offers Its Services to Help Build Trump’s Wall

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Palestine Information Center

Israel-based Magal Security Systems Ltd. seeks this week to persuade officials in Washington to grant it a contract to take part in the construction of the wall the new US administration is planning to build on the American-Mexican borders.

According to Bloomberg News, Magal’s US-based Senstar branch will present its FiberPatrol product at a conference on border security which will be held on Tuesday in Alexandria, Virginia.

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9 thoughts on “Israeli Company Offers Its Services to Help Build Trump’s Wall

  1. Trump would be very unwise to award part of the contract to an Israeli company as much of the West Bank ‘wall’ is on Palestinian territory, and is illegal.
    Trump’s wall would be on US territory and perfectly legal — not that the Jews would see the ignorant irony of their own offer.

  2. So the “wall” is not just a sop to be thrown to the masses who voted for him because in the campaign he addressed their indignation at illegal immigration. It is something more. What is the appropriate term for the pork barrel that is not awarded locally but it is given to Israel? Gefilte fish? The wall is sop AND a gefilte fish project. Way to go, Donald!

  3. good deal
    the palestinians could then show
    the southerners how to go past wall
    jew wall like jew airport security

  4. Thank you for this report of the latest outrage of Zionist opportunism and its reach into anything and everything that reeks of separation and domination. I wondered a couple of days ago when I first received a hint of this whether Palestinian slave labor will be imported to Texas and used to construct Trump’s wall.

    Actually, I think this is of a pattern. I recall several years ago, when the/a wall and its supposed “security” became an issue between the US and Mexico, that Zionist firms were the first responders in providing surveillance equipment, expert training and advice in herding and controlling people who are not among the “chosen,” etc.

  5. You’re right, Robert, it’s not a surprise that an Israeli company might become involved in this. We already have Israeli tech firms involved in Internet and cyber surveillance in the US.

  6. Lest anyone forget, it was Michael Chertoff whose airport screening devices were installed as soon as he could get contract from the Bush administration for which he worked. Voila cronyism, nepotism and zionism~ and ICTS International, an israeli/mossad founded company which got ‘security’ contracts at a majority of ports of entry in the US and around the globe.

  7. Spent about an hour last night after learning about Trump’s Scotus nominee Gorsuch searching for his religious affiliation and found none. Spent more time today because of the plethora of info on him, to search out religious, if any, identification but again, found nothing. His mother was not jewish; so unless Neil Gorsuch is a convert nothing was found to confirm (or deny) that he is jewish. Please identify your source(s)…Thx.

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