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13 thoughts on “Syrians Victorious Over Their Would-be Conquerors

  1. The victory lap is premature. Dark clouds are gathering over Syria even if the rumors that Assad had a stroke or is being treated for a brain tumor are false.
    It would be beyond sad if Syria ended up being just a chip used by Putin to buy himself a seat at the big boys’ table once he flexed his muscles to get their attention. His recent actions are deeply worrisome:
    — He invited the US to the Astana talks without even bothering to inform Syria and Iran first, let alone consult them. The US had no reason to be there.
    — He (through Lavrov) talks about a federation (read “fragmentation”) being the best solution for Syria after having insisted all along before that Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty are non-negotiable
    — Russia even went so far to prepare a Constitution draft for Syria– to spare the Syrian people the effort, I guess
    — The US request for no-fly zones has been endorsed by Russia now under a new name: “safe zones.” “Safe”, of course means that Syrian planes will not be allowed to fly over them. The Syrian government protested strenuously against any outside power creating “safe zones” on Syrian territory without their approval.
    With this volte-face from Russia I would not be surprised if Assad truly had a stroke.
    I used to admire Putin and felt he offered a real hope of peace for the world but if the above changes pan out he is just an aspirant to gaining admission to the globalist swamp.

  2. These are disturbing developments for sure, Ariadna. I hope your analysis of them is wrong and that Putin is still playing the honest and honorable role we’ve hoped he would play. It bears watching very closely.

  3. All these people building military bases in Syria–it’s a violation of international law, but there really is no such thing as international law anymore.

  4. I don’t trust Putin and not because of the MSM lies, it’s because he’s been in power too long.
    Putin waited nearly four years before deciding to ‘help’ his ally Syria. Why wait for the deaths of nearly 300,00 Syrians and the destruction of much of the nation before offering help?

    He gets credit for stopping–for now–the destruction of Syria, but what is Russia’s end game and how quickly will Putin abandon Assad if the price is right?

    If Russia goes along with those USA proposed ‘safe zones,’ then the Zionists will have accomplished all of their goals in Syria, the breaking up of a once prosperous ME state and the USA getting another foothold in the ME, in Kurdistan.

  5. All work and no play makes Ivan a dull boy. Worse, it is not profitable, especially in them ‘off-season curves.’ Enough with the religion. Churches don’t even charge admission. Russia gets ready to join he civilized world soon in a way Trump cannot help but approve of:

  6. I disagree with Greg Bacon’s statement on prez Vladimir Putin,normally thoughts are aligned, Vladimir Putin only returned after the catastrophe that was Libya,President Medevedev abstained from the vote on no fly zones and the US screwed the UN and layed to waste the richest country in Africa,to the horror of Putin,and on the Syria question, it was a calculated risk to get involved but the horrific outcome of the black flag of ISIS over Demascus outwayed the risks,the outlining risk of Russsia in potential conflict with the United States,but Putin could Not afford a failed state soo close to Eurasia so he had to act,Vladimir Putin thinks like a soldier not just a politician,it has to be said that Russia was Not dealing with a rational actor that being America,whose actions threatened its own interests, e.g. global order,for we now know US insanity has almost broken the European Union with the flood of refugees and undocumented migrants plus the rise in terror..We must looked to the good,the ancient nation of Syria has been saved from the vicious acts of ziocons and other usurpers..Long live Syria!!

  7. Ozy, you make it sound like Putin was taken by surprise by the irrationality of the US. If he, despite his years in the KGB in East Germany and an almost life-long study of the West in general and US in particular, was so disastrously naive, then he is totally unfit for his top leadership position. Can’t have it both ways: either he is very smart or deeply obtunded.
    As for Medvedev being solely and independently responsible for the abstention vote on Libya’s fly zones, that truly stretches credibility. Medvedev was a seat warmer who only allowed Putin to run again. He was the kid riding his new bike while “Daddy” was holding it steady.
    And look, the first fruit of Putin’s deal with the zioglobal empire are ripening:
    Fresh news today: we are told the US adopts a softer stance on Russia on the Ukraine issue….WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration on Wednesday maintained a low-key approach to the latest flare-up of violence in eastern Ukraine, where the government accuses Russian-backed forces of stepping up attacks. The restrained tone may reflect the start of a new U.S. approach to dealing with Russia’s cross-border activity, even as top U.S. officials are pledging to support Ukraine’s sovereignty.

    Oy, what a bummer for the Chocolate King!

  8. It is only a drafted _meaning just words on a page,but what I’ve seen and heard,it sounds good,the draft removes the lable “Arab”, which is good,as Syria is as much a Eurasian country as it is Arab,Syria’s future lies within the Eurasian economic block,it will have Russia’s might along with Iran’s sword to protect it from envious lusty eyes of the Saudis and its allies,also there is 8000ib gorilla in the room ” China”,who provide the funds to rebuild and to lend a hand militarily, there are Chinese elite forces in Syria already,Putin has removed Syria from the chess board..

  9. The Sykes-Picot denial of Kurdish national rights underlies much of the instability in the region. The Russians understand that the Kurds will not be ignored any longer, and their rights within Syria must be respected,so that they will ally against Turkey with the Russians.

    Assad must also accept this if he wants to defeat the jihadists.

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