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Seattle Protestor Says ‘We Need to Start Killing People’

Warning: the language is graphic. The protest reportedly took place in Seattle. The woman with the bullhorn engages in a five-minute tirade against white people, an outburst that includes the words, “We need to start killing people.” She also says, “The White House must die.”

It is unclear whether the woman is officially connected with Black Lives Matter, but if you watch the video  closely you will see that she is wearing a t-shirt that reads “Black Lives Matter” on the back. She also, during her speech, identifies herself as a pre-school teacher.

A Fox News report on the protest can be found here. Unfortunately, however, the article does not identify the woman by name.

Below is an edited version of the video without all the annoying screen pop-ups, and which also includes subtitles. Basically it just gives a clearer picture. I put up a post yesterday discussing the “mass insanity” currently sweeping America. This woman would seem to be another prime example. (H/T Jill rowan)

13 thoughts on “Seattle Protestor Says ‘We Need to Start Killing People’

  1. Simian savagery isn’t an argument. It is a “court of last resort” for those who have given up their humanity.

    “Protestors” who rely upon destruction and death threats as their argument are not protestors. They are domestic terrorists.

    Hopefully the lack of arrests in Berkeley is only temporary as the law enforcement (terrorism task force) are infiltrating and gaining evidence on these domestic terrorists.

  2. Domestic terrorists is probably the proper label to apply to them, but apparently since she’s only threatening to kill white people the general view is that it’s not too much to get upset over. Certainly nothing she should lose her teaching job over. Had she threatened African-Americans or any other race or ethnic group the reaction to this would have been vastly different.

  3. If they had said “Death to the Jews,” then all Hell would of broke loose, but since it’s whitey, then all is forgiven. All those videos of vandals destroying store fronts and no arrests?
    Smells fishy to me, like a color-revolution they want to being the jack-boots to the streets.

  4. Judging from her language, the woman isn’t terribly smart, though I’m guessing she’s probably smart enough to know not to say “that.”

  5. Needless to say, I won’t be sending them a check. But interesting letter. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. We do not know who this hateful female speaker is…but incitement is the intention. “Agent Provocateurs” are being used- to further arouse & incite. How long have psychos like Charlie Manson and others encouraged ‘race wars’…ambiguous provocative clip of another psycho. Why disseminate more hate speech? just askin’

  7. True, we don’t know who she is. All we know is she is wearing a ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt and that those she is speaking to applaud what she is saying. True, she may have been a planted provocateur. And maybe the group of people applauding her were provocateurs as well. I don’t know. But on the off-chance there really may be people in the Black Lives Matters movement who hold such views, I thought it worth posting the video. Had it been someone wearing an “I support the alt-right” or a “Make America great again” t-shirt similarly advocating murder, I would have posted that video as well.

  8. Provocateurs create justifications for martial law which purports to establish order. Cooler minds can prevail over the rush to enslave ourselves via self-inflicted chaos.

  9. thanks for your response. my comment was not meant as criticism for posting it…but offered as a reminder that sometimes what we see can be managed to move certain agendas forward. we have been subjected to various propaganda for decades.

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