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Congresswoman Says Berkeley Riot was “a Beautiful Sight’

 photo demings_zpsb0zdncgc.jpg

Rep. Val Demings (D-Florida)

More mass insanity. Val Demings is the representative to Congress from Florida’s 10th district. According to Demings, the riot which took place in Berkeley, California on Wednesday, Feb. 1–in which protesters set fires, smashed shop windows, and lobbed fireworks and Molotov cocktails–was “a beautiful sight.” What is even more bizarre is that Demings is a former police officer and the former police chief of Orlando, Florida.

Furthermore, according to Wikipedia, she is marred to Jerry Demings, who is currently the sheriff of Orange County, Florida. It would appear we have finally entered The Twilight Zone.

Demings was first elected to Congress in 2012. You can go here to see a list of her top contributors in her 2016 campaign. It includes a $42,230 donation from Emily’s List and a $24,760 contribution from JStreet, the pro-Israel lobby organization.

4 thoughts on “Congresswoman Says Berkeley Riot was “a Beautiful Sight’

  1. This congresswoman’s comments are beyond the pale,she’s seem to be advocating violent insurrection, these soo called liberals cannot get it into their thick skulls that that Clinton LOST!!,and also they should know that those supposed white racist basket of deplorables voted for Obama Not just once but twice,we have the same arrogant elite types over in Europe and the UK,well for all those of a liberal bent, it will Not end with Brexit and Trump,the whole western world is gonna kick out these Soros funded anti Western iliberal elite,these swamp creatures trying to lead us to oblivion..

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