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Washington Post Touts Lady Gaga as Model Christian


Lady Gaga, touted by the Washington Post as a model Christian, performs at the Super Bowl

By Richard Edmondson

Is Lady Gaga the embodiment of “Christian values”? Mention of the performer’s name likely would not conjure up such an image in most people’s minds, yet this is the view expressed in an article published yesterday by the Washington Post.

In an American context where the media equates religion with social conservatism, Lady Gaga represents a welcome, non-fundamentalist Christianity. She is the closest pop culture version, in values if not tone, to her fellow Catholic, Pope Francis. She champions Christian values not of exclusion and discrimination but of empowerment, grace and self-acceptance.

It’s a rather astonishing paragraph–and I say this neither as a critic nor as a fan of Gaga. I’ve in fact paid little attention to her over the years for the reason that there always seemed better things to do with my time than watch videos of writhing, moaning women set to mundane pop music. But that someone could cogently express such a view as that expressed in the paragraph above, with it then being published in a prominent American newspaper (or what passes for such these days), is testimony to how far things have fallen–fallen in terms of the degradation of American culture and also the degradation of Christianity in America.

When I was growing up, the concept of a “model Christian” was someone who was active in the church, who was honest and spoke truthfully, whose word was their bond, and who, like the Samaritan in Jesus’ parable, extended a helping hand to those in need. If she was a woman, she additionally was a devoted wife and mother. It was a simpler time then, of course. And today the world is far more disordered. The simple times are gone, which means we need an expanded definition of what it means to be a model Christian–necessary in order to meet the challenges and complexities of today’s life.

My own definition, for what it’s worth, would include all of the traits listed above, with a few additional ones besides: the ability to feel compassion for all victims of injustice; the courage to stand up for what is right and just, even if it comes with a personal cost attached; being conscientious by using the teachings of Jesus as a measuring stick for discerning truth from propaganda (anything which does not measure up should be tossed out); and perhaps most importantly of all–following the path of true Christianity, as opposed to Christian Zionism–the darkest, deadliest, and most dangerous heresy in the 2,000-year history of the Church.

How all or any of this applies to Lady Gaga I’m not sure. The Washington Post article, which was published on Super Bowl Sunday, speaks of her “influential contributions to the theology of human sexuality.”  Which makes one wonder: is there something holy or theological about sexuality? Some religions have indeed held this to be the case.

Within the Hindu faith, for instance, are certain branches wherein a focus on sex and eroticism can be found, the Kama Sutra and certain Tantra texts being prime examples. Little of this can be found in Christianity, however. And even among Hindus, not all agree that tantric sex is a legitimate path to God, with some viewing it as nothing more than a distraction. Nonetheless, the Washington Post would apparently have us believe there is something “theological” about Lady Gaga’s gyrations.

The Washington Post has been among those mainstream media outlets most heavily implicated in the spread of fake news. It was the Post which told us that the Russians had hacked into the US power grid, and the Post also which publicized the infamous PropOrNot website whose mission supposedly was to expose “fake news.”

The Post article on Gaga was written by Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons, who is credited with a theological background and who “writes at the intersection of faith, public policy and pop culture.”

Graves-Fitzsimmons lauds Lady Gaga for her advocacy of LGBT rights and cites the song “Born This Way” as “the hymn for LGBT Christians that is sorely missing from your average church hymnal.”

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

He also believes expressions of her faith in God can be found in other songs she has recorded and indeed “throughout her discography,” as he puts it–and he even goes so far as to extol her as a “prophet” no less.

“Lady Gaga has also played the part of prophet,” he asserts. “She publicly came out as bisexual and spoke at an LGBT rights march on the Mall in 2009. Her appearance at the Super Bowl will be particularly prophetic due to her advocacy for survivors of sexual assault.”

Elsewhere in the same article he applies the label “prophet and pastor” and avers that she “will lead us all in worship” at the Super Bowl.

“It may not look like your grandparents’ church service, but her values do reflect those of Jesus Christ,” he reckons.

You can go here to see Gaga’s performance at the Super Bowl should you wish to judge for yourself. And people might also be interested in a Mark Dice commentary on the media’s response to the performance. It seems there is a raging controversy now over whether the show may have included a veiled criticism of Donald Trump.

I am of course not sufficiently familiar with Gaga’s “discography” to comment on her work as an artist. What I can say is that if advocating for LGBT rights is all it takes to become a “prophet” these days–while saying nothing about the occupation of the Palestinians–then we’ve lowered our standards on this along with everything else. I take this view because advocating for LGBT rights involves zero risk to your career, and certainly won’t get you sawn in half–the fate, according to legend, which befell the prophet Isaiah.

For Graves-Fitzsimmons, the crux of the matter seems to come down to which God you pray to, and maybe here at least he has a good point.

“She (Gaga) prays to an affirming God with expansive love, not a narrow-minded magician in the sky who damns nonbelievers to eternal conscious torment.”

Hopefully, by implication, this could mean also that the singer would not, and does not, direct her prayers to a narrow-minded God of vengeance who favors one small group of people over the rest of humanity–although I doubt we’ll see commentary of this nature in the Washington Post anytime soon.

Perhaps I’ll close this post  by simply recalling the story of the woman caught in adultery, as told of in the Gospel of John. “Teacher, this woman was caught in the act of adultery,” said the Pharisees as they brought the woman before Jesus. “In the law, Moses commanded us to stone such women. Now what do you say?”

Jesus’ famous reply was that he who was without sin should cast the first stone. Surprisingly, perhaps, not a single Pharisee claimed to be sinless and stepped forward or hurled a rock. Instead they all melted away, at which point Jesus looked at the woman and asked, “Has no one condemned you?”

“No one, sir,” she tells him.

“Then neither do I condemn you. Go now and leave your life of sin,” he replies.

It’s wise advice for all of us, and perhaps Lady Gaga should give it some thought as well.

13 thoughts on “Washington Post Touts Lady Gaga as Model Christian

  1. Then again, what does the Bible say about His return? His Father has everlasting mercy. But, one day, there’s wrath unmingled with mercy.

  2. the washafterreading post
    means gaga is a model judaized christian
    meaning a fake christian
    to match post’s fake/lying news
    appropriate for fakewood and dc

  3. “…not a single Pharisee claimed to be sinless and stepped forward or hurled a rock”

    Alas, everything has decayed! Even the Pharisees of old were a better strain, who could be shamed and retained a grain of honesty. Nowadays they hurl rockets and bombs at their victims who throw stones, stab you in the back and howl victimhood, and rob you blind and deride you for being a spendthrift.

  4. The strumpet that goes by the name “lady Gaga,” as much a lady as the older one that goes by the name “Madonna,” are the faces of marxist culturalism, which is a programmatic assault on Christian values and on basic human decency and seek to normalize deviancy. Not surprisingly they are both icons in occupied Palestine (usually referred to as “israel”).

  5. I don’t judge these people, I don’t know them. But the words ‘spiritually broken and morally adrift’ come mind.

  6. Thank you Richard for the great truth you share as well as youre ability to mix Politics and Relgion without upsetting others lol.My Dad use to tell me to keep one’s friends we must not talk of the two.I find both politics and Relgion fascinating drives people crazy.

  7. I think what drives people crazy, Denyse, is the truth. And that’s why we have to keep telling it.

  8. It started going wrong for Christianity when Satan’s chosen put in Isis as the Madonna, during the aptly called Babylonian Captivity in Avignon, in the 6th century, in tandem when they invented Islam, over in the Jewish Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hence , why Islam is based pre dominatly on the satanic Talmud.

    Fast forward a few years, till they got Martin Luther to (unbeknownst to him) completely judaisied the faith with Protestestism. They got him through the Rosicrusions. (Introduction of satanic torah). That’s the OT.

    Ramsey is brilliant on the judaizing done by jew puppet Cromwell and Co. ..

    I’ve left out the huge body of Jewish popes who infiltrated the papacy from the Babylonian captivity time, but it wasn’t until Vatican due, did they successfully change church doctrine.

    The best writers on Judaism for the goy, aka Protestant ism are:

    The Nameless War , Captain A.H.M Ramsey
    Controversy of Zion, Douglas Reed

    Reed shows how each Protestant sect has steadily become more openly Jewish, till we get to that oxymoron ..Christian Zionists.

  9. The Jewish Cabala15

    According to Fabre d’Olivet, Moses, who “was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians,” drew from the Egyptian Mysteries a part of the oral tradition which was handed down through the leaders of the Israelites.16 That such an oral tradition, distinct from the written word embodied in the Pentateuch, did descend from Moses and that it was later committed to writing in the Talmud and the Cabala is the opinion of many Jewish writers.17

    Nesta Webster. ….exactly why, I call the OT a satanic book

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