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Lest There Be Any Doubt: Israeli Support for Syrian Terrorists


Readers can go here to view a Daily Mail article reporting on “secret missions,” mounted by Israeli forces on a “nightly” basis, “to save the lives of Syrian fighters, all of whom are sworn enemies of the Jewish state.” Written by Jake Wallis Simons, a Daily Mail “Global Editor” who “embedded” himself with the Israeli troops carrying out the rescue missions, the article includes photos and videos of wounded jihadis being given medical treatment.

The story discusses treatment by paramedics at the scene, on the Syrian border, as well that given in an Israeli hospital, where the militants are then transported. Simons characterizes the effort mainly as  “humanitarian” in nature, though he allows for the possibility of certain political objectives as well, including the goal of winning “hearts and minds” in Syria as well as improving Israel’s reputation internationally. He makes no mention of Israeli ambitions of overthrowing the Syrian government or the horrible atrocities that may have been, and most likely were, committed by the very people being given medical treatment, but discerning readers will keep those things in mind.

What we do find, near the bottom of the article, is the following confession:

“Significantly, an Israeli spokesman confirmed that no medical support has been provided to any militants from the Shia alliance.”

In other words, wounded Iranians or Hezbollah fighters–presently in Syria to fight ISIS terrorists–will not have their wounds stitched up by the “humanitarian” Israelis.

For several years now there have been reports of Israel giving support of one kind or another to terrorists in Syria. The Daily Mail article would seem to provide confirmation of this for anyone who may still have entertained any doubts.

6 thoughts on “Lest There Be Any Doubt: Israeli Support for Syrian Terrorists

  1. I bet Shia fighters have their wounds ‘stitched’ up, with a blast from an assault rifle.

    Is this story the reason Wikipedia banned DM articles from being quoted?

  2. ‘El Presidente’ Trump now wants the Pentagon to get more involved in the Yemeni butchery:

    To verify on that, President Trump says he has every intention to make the situation worse. All signs are that Yemen is in for more suffering at Trump’s hands. He evokes America’s sins and blurts out the truth about Washington’s “bloody hands”. His Defense Department is reportedly considering a proposal to designate Yemen a formal battlefield in the bogus War on Terror, which would allow for an “intensified pace of operations, rather than on-off raids or drone strikes.”


    May God forgive our hateful, war mongering ways, because I’m sure as Hell having a difficult time forgiving myself for being part of this insanity..

  3. The alturism of the Zionists is just so strong that they would even risk their own lives and wealth to help a fellow human being. Even if that fellow human is their “sworn enemy”. They “love thy enemy” even more than they love their own selves. What a fantastic group of people. 😉

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