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Assad to Belgian Media: Europeans Only Follow US Master

A comment on this video from Uprooted Palestinians reads: “More sense from Assad in 3 minutes than from the West in 6 years.” I would have to concur, and I would add that Assad’s “following-the-US-master” comment would probably equally apply to Western so-called “human rights” organizations as well.

Last week I commented on a report by Amnesty International accusing the Syrian government of operating a “human slaughterhouse” at a prison near Damascus. Now comes a Human Rights Watch report alleging that the Syrians used chemical weapons in their liberation of Aleppo from terrorist control. The report, which can be found here, also implicates Russia, but relies upon information given by “journalists” from the Aleppo Media Center, the organization that produced the “boy in the ambulance” photo last year–a photo believed by some to have been staged.

The Amnesty report, published on February 7, and the HRW report, released February 13, would seem to be a one-two punch aimed at the Syrian government and coming as the Pentagon is now reportedly considering recommending that the US send “conventional ground combat forces” for the first time into Syria.

The Syrian government has responded to the HRW report in an article just published today at SANA.


Syria Dismisses HRW Chemical Weapons Report as Unprofessional and Non-Credible

Damascus, SANA – The Syrian government denies categorically the false allegations brought up in the report of the Human Rights Watch (HRW) that the Syrian forces and their allies used toxic substances in the operation to liberate Aleppo, an official source at the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Wednesday.

“The fact that the Human Rights Watch organization relied on the terrorists’ media sources and on absolutely non-credible false witnesses proves the lack of credibility of the report,” the source said in a statement to SANA.

“This report comes to justify the terrorists’ defeat and the victories of the Syrian Arab Army and its allies,” the source added.

It dismissed the HRW report as “unprofessional” and “non-scientific” and based on distorting facts, stressing that the report will definitely lose ground when faced with any scientific study or legal evidence.

“The Syrian Arab Republic, which has met all its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention, strongly condemns this misleading report that came out in implementation of Western agendas before the convening of meetings in Astana and Geneva and any other meetings that might be held later on the Syrian file,” the Foreign Ministry source said.

The source reiterated Syria’s condemnation of the use of toxic chemical weapons by any part, in any place and for any reason, stressing that all these allegations will not discourage it from continuing its war against the terrorist organizations and their backers.

H. Said

5 thoughts on “Assad to Belgian Media: Europeans Only Follow US Master

  1. president Assad is not wrong,we in western Europe are US vassals states,but at the moment PAX America is Not working for us,as we are inundated with hordes of humanity terrorism,,due to American adventurism,our elites are completely out of step with the
    people.,and war with Russia is unthinkable,western armies invading Russia never fair to well,let us remember Napoleon,The Kaiser and Hitler,just how many men died in those wars,,the vastness of Russia can swallow up armies There is much talk of global warming and its dangers to human race,but what about ultimate global warming,”THERMAL GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR”

  2. I suspect you are right Ozy. In addition to radiation sickness and destruction of whole cities, a nuclear war will probably also trigger a global climate crisis.

  3. RT has recently reported that US forces are still using uranium tipped missiles, which got me pretty angry,haven’t the Syrian people suffered enough!!!, without condemning future generations too what Iraq has suffered ,babies born without heads and the like,this Not reported in msm,without ALT media this would go unreported. Syria ,The cradle of civilisation has many mighty empires invade it,Persian empire,Alexander the Great,the Roman empire,the Norman crusaders and the colonial powers of Britain and France,but never was Syria’s existence more threatened than when the US empire pushed by Jewish ziocons was it ever so in peril,it could of ended up like Atlantis,with it Not sure it ever existed..

  4. Good News, Russia and the Syrian army have just liberated Palmyra,as a history buff,i am pleased those gilf state funded barbarians have been defeated,that’s one in the eye for those neocons who wanted to lay to waste Syria..

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