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Fake News or Real? CNN has Pentagon Planning Ground Troop Invasion of Syria and Russian Spy Ship off US Coast


Just within the past hour or so CNN has published two stories which may fall into the category of “fake news” (it’s of course hard to tell these days).

In one article, here, the network is reporting that the Pentagon is considering recommending sending “conventional ground combat forces” into Syria in order to “speed up the fight against ISIS.” So far the only US troops that have been sent into Syria are small units of special forces, and as the article notes, the deployment of conventional ground troops “would significantly alter US military operations in Syria.”

In the other report we are told that a Russian spy ship is presently lurking “30 miles off the coast of Connecticut,” and that “the vessel is outfitted with a variety of high-tech spying equipment and is designed to intercept signals intelligence.”

The same report also alleges that a US ship, the USS Porter, “had three encounters with Russian aircraft” while sailing in the Black Sea last Friday. The Russians carried out a “mock attack” against the ship, the article claims.

Both reports are based upon unnamed US officials.

CNN has been accused by Trump of spreading fake news. At the same time, Trump appointed Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis to head the Defense Department. Mattis has said that US policy in Syria “needs to be reviewed and perhaps energized on a more aggressive timeline.”

8 thoughts on “Fake News or Real? CNN has Pentagon Planning Ground Troop Invasion of Syria and Russian Spy Ship off US Coast

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  2. lies, lies, and more lies
    cnn gives lies
    till the cows come home

    trump dont care
    knows cnn dead
    so does cnn

    so too is msnbc

    monkey mika mornin maid
    how many lies to get paid
    phony joey servant boy
    sip your latte gofer goy

    all will go down

  3. Since Trump folded on the Flynn affair, looks like the neoCONs are back in control. And war with Russia is back on the front burner and the long-suffering Syrian people will get more grief from the USA.

  4. With all the vicious attacks being mounted against him you kind of can’t help feeling sympathy for Trump. He sure has made some bad appointments, though, and he doesn’t seem to have much of a head for geopolitics.

  5. lots of fake new probogated by CNN ,and the whole liberal belt way from Hollywood,Silicone valley to hipsterville New York,who all live La La land,what is real news?,that Ashton Carter had the US air force act as air support for islamic state when they bombed Syrian forces,heres more real news,the Obama goverment funded neo nazis hard men to over throw the ligitamet goverment of Ukraine,and the neo nazis militias are causing havoc with mass murder and rape,plus they just about to cause a complete collapse of the society by halting much need commodities,that is news you won`t hear on MSM,Just 5Dancing schlomos says in his fine poem CNN are liars!!!!

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