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Russia and the US: A Major Question Goes Unanswered

A rather fascinating interview with Stephen Cohen, professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University–fascinating, perhaps, as much for what is said as what is left unspoken.

In Cohen’s view there is a major danger now of war breaking out between the US and Russia, and as he puts it, we presently are in “the single most dangerous moment in American-Russian relations.” I certainly would not take issue with that, nor would a good many others.

Three other important points he makes which I also would not take issue with are:

  • Russia has been deliberately portrayed (falsely) as “the number one existential threat” to America
  • There are different groups and factions within the CIA and other intelligence agencies that are at war with each other
  • It has been more important for the “forces in Washington to be rid of Assad” than to fight terrorists in Syria

The question he leaves unanswered,and which Abby Martin fails  even to ask, is what is the motive of these “forces in Washington” that are trying to provoke a war with Russia? More specifically, why are certain factions within the intelligence community at war with each other, what is the motive there, and is it possible some of these warring factions have loyalties to a country other than America? If so, which one? What exactly is the force that is driving this inflammatory outpouring of hostility toward Russia?

Cohen’s answer may well have been, “I don’t know,” but it would have been nice if Martin had at least asked.


Another question that arises is where do Trump’s own loyalties lie? He does seem to be running a lot of interference for Israel as the video here makes clear. People will certainly recall that during the campaign, Trump talked about “Muslims” who were seen celebrating the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. The reality of course is that those seen celebrating–and who in fact were arrested on the day of 9/11–were  Israelis. Trump may well be sincere about wanting to “make America great again,” and if so what we have seen from him could be nothing more than genuine naivete on the subject of Israel, and most particularly on the subject of Israel and 9/11. A lot of people have been, and still are, willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on that. Of course the other possibility is too bleak to think about.

9 thoughts on “Russia and the US: A Major Question Goes Unanswered

  1. well
    cohen is jew
    wife katrina vanden heuvel
    is jew
    and not to be trusted
    prof maybe decent compared to the blatant jewcons
    heard him couple times re russia nothing else

    trump knows planes and muslims did not bring down 3 bldgs
    and damaged others
    and knows the dancing muslims were attention grabbing jews

  2. Most Americans don’t realize that a trillion dollars just ain’t what it used to be, so if the bottomless pit of the Pentagon needs more of our money, then we should be glad to hand it over and grateful that w/o the Pentagon hogging the federal budget and instilling fear, we might be able to fix our highways, falling bridges, busted dams, failing electrical grid, outdated schools and airports and get a hi-speed train and a quality Internet service. Maybe even make college affordable. But true patriots realize all of that means nothing w/o a swollen, pork-happy Pentagon that needs F-35’s that tend to crash, 2 billion dollar B-2’s that can’t fly in the rain, Navy ships that can’t do the job they were built for, Humvees that can’t be used in combat zones and all those Gulfstream and Learjets that our generals and admirals need to fly to the next pork festival, where they’ll look for that missing NINE TRILLION DOLLARS that seemed to have vanished from the Pentagon’s books!

  3. Yeah, all that and there isn’t a single country in the world threatening to put “all options on the table” to attack America. All the bellicose rhetoric is coming from our own leaders.

  4. Trump possibly has a lot of business acumen but he doesn’t seem to know much geopolitics. Which makes sense, actually. If you have spent your life wholly focused on making money, you probably haven’t paid much attention to what’s going on in far-away places.

  5. He does seem like a decent sort. Certainly one of the few sane voices on Russia coming out of US academia. US academia has degenerated along with the rest of the country, so there aren’t many sane voices left in it.

  6. I’d bet on Trump having no deep understanding of Mideast history, and only the usual Hollywood hero-worship view of Israel. He doesn’t realize the depth of the racism among zionists..even toward him, no matter how many concessions he makes, short of destroying Iran for them, which it doesnt look like he is actually willing to do in spite of his rhetoric.

  7. You would think that at some point in the course of the relentless media attacks upon him it might have struck him as rather odd and peculiar how the media freely criticize US leaders (not only Trump but his predecessors as well) while never saying a critical word about Israel’s. He gives no indication, though, that the thought has ever even crossed his mind.

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