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Four Dead Russian Diplomats in Three Months

By Adam Garrie

Vitaly Churkin was one of the wisest voices in international diplomacy.  His voice will no longer echo in the halls of the United Nations. Articulate, polite yet commanding, wise yet affable, he oversaw some of Russia’s and the world’s most important events in a position he occupied since 2006.

Churkin had to face a great deal of hostile criticism from both the Bush and Obama administrations during his time at the UN, but he always did so with grace. He never failed to explain the Russian position with the utmost clarity.

Standing next to some of his colleagues, he often looked like a titan in a room full of school children.

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3 thoughts on “Four Dead Russian Diplomats in Three Months

  1. Ambassador Churkin was a class act ,I`ve only become aware of in recent years him due to my relative youth,but boy did I enjoy his hyper intelligent and dare I say amusing respostes to the mad neo liberals like Samantha Power,one great response was when he replied to a perceived insult to Russia by Power over the Syria crisis,and I para phrase,”you act like mother Theresa,but please remember which country you represent and your country`s track record”,a obvious reference to the more inglorious moments of US war crimes,Vietnam,Iraq and Libya to name a few..Ambassador Churkin was a great man and indeed a charming one..

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