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Pence Consoles Jews in Missouri Over Vandalizing of Jewish Cemetery

Statue of Jesus vandalized at the Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellow Church, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Statue of Jesus vandalized at the Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellow Church, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Attacks against Jews…
Attacks against Christians…
Which Prompts VP to Action?

Two heinous acts of religious desecration occurred last weekend at two separate sites in two separate states. In response to one of these events, the vice president of the United States personally involved himself, making a trip to the scene to denounce what had happened and to assist in the cleanup.

The other event he seems to have completely ignored.

At the Cottage Avenue Pentecostal Fellowship Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, vandals targeted a statue of Jesus outside the church, severing the head from the body. The attack occurred sometime during the night of February 19/20.

On the same weekend vandals attacked a Jewish cemetery causing damage to approximately 150 headstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery, Jewish cemetery located in University City, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

 photo cemeterystlouis_zpsfo7bwizd.jpg

Vandalized gravestones at the Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery

After the media raised an uproar over the attack on the cemetery, an uproar which included complaints that President Trump had not sufficiently condemned the attack or denounced anti-Semitism enough, Vice President Pence made a trip to St. Louis, where he spoke at the cemetery and even participated in the cleanup.

“I am so inspired by what the people of Missouri are doing, by the way you are handling this,” he is reported to have said.

I did an Internet search in an effort to determine if Pence had made any similar-type gestures on behalf of the Christians at the church in Indianapolis, but could find no indication he had, or even that he had bothered to issue a public comment on it–even though the attack occurred in Pence’s home state of Indiania and even though it was the second time in two weeks that the statue had been desecrated.

Here is a news report on what happened at the church…

And here is a video of Pence at the cemetery, participating in a prayer with a Jewish rabbi and helping with the cleanup…

I guess it’s nice to see a member of America’s political elite with a rake in his hand and doing some actual physical work, but the video would seem to provide us with ample evidence of what group of people he’s really working for.

13 thoughts on “Pence Consoles Jews in Missouri Over Vandalizing of Jewish Cemetery

  1. Recently AlJazeera published an article about this jewish cemetary damage and the fact that Linda Sarsour had led an effort with crowdfunding to the tune of $100k to restore/repair gravestone damage there..My response however was rejected by moderators on AJ –not sure why except that I asked WHERE were the fund raisers and outcry for the incredible ongoing damage to the Ancient Mamillah Muslim cemetary in Jerusalem that has been ongoing since 2004!!? the Israeli govt has bulldozed and destroyed acreage of this 11th century holy burial ground there with few interruptions…all the while the most outrageous issue of the destruction and even removal/stacking of ancient buried bones was done in order to allow for parking lots and such for the Los Angeles-Jerusalem branch of “museum of tolerance”!! there is such bitter irony ..that just reading about the Muslim fundraising on behalf of a small jewish cemetary in Missouri compared to the absolute desecration of Mamillah by the israeli govt and its agencies without end is beyond heartbreaking…I still wonder why AJ blocked my inquiry…perhaps other readers/writers might raise the issue?http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/02/muslims-raise-55000-fix-vandalised-jewish-cemetery-170222060559511.html (the amount raised well exceeds $120K at this point).

  2. Not surprising that they deleted your comment. Aljazeera still occasionally does some good reporting, but they have also evolved to the point where they now are pushing a lot of the same propaganda lines we see in the US media. I remember when they were still a new phenomenon and viewed as very cutting edge. There was a documentary produced about them in 2004 called Control Room, which focused on their coverage of the Iraq war. Back then they were regularly attacked by US officials, much like the attacks we see today on RT. The fact that they are no longer attacked or criticized by US leaders probably speaks volumes. By the way, I did note that Muslims in America had raised money for the Jewish cemetery, and you make an excellent point: why in the heck are they raising money for a Jewish cemetery in Missouri when Muslim cemeteries in Israel are being paved over? The answer, of course, is conformity to political correctness.

  3. @Greg & Richard: Typical Goy linear minds.
    Just because something did not happen does not mean it did not happen if it is useful. So a little help is needed to make Goyim understand that anti-semitism is alive and strong.
    On a related topic of things that did not happen: I have been thinking of writing a Diary of a Russian Jew who risked the gulag and even death to save Russians persecuted by the Jewish-led NKVD. He sheltered them in the attic of his house for years. Eventually they were discovered and shipped to Siberia where they died of typhus (they have lice resistant to very low temperatures in Siberia). I might call it Diary of a Righteous Jew.

  4. Pence consoled the Jews because they are a protected minority. He might console Christians when –perhaps sooner than you think– they become a minority, provided they are designated “protected,” which is not guaranteed given their evil tendencies (e.g., ani-semitism).

  5. I would like VP Mike Pence to console Syrian Christians who have suffered soo much,they too need a consoling hand,,Pence actions are why conservatives like him are sometimes dispised and referred to insultingly as cuckservatives,if there is a push back against jewish sponsored violence,like the wars of the neocon wars of the past 20 yrs, maybe understanderable,,but descreation of any burial site is wrong,but it also must be said christian conservatives should remember that Christians are the most persecuted minority on earth,and have recently only just survived mass exstermination in Syria..

  6. You are right, Ozy. If you calculate what’s going on currently in the Middle East, Christians today are persecuted far more than Jews.

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