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Signs of the Times: A Cashless Society in India

A good portion of this video by Sheikh Imran Hosein is devoted to discussion around current events in India, where the government has taken major steps toward transformation of the entire country into a cashless society. This “demonetization,” as it’s called, has implications not only for the people of India, but for all of us. The following article will offer a bit more insight into that.

You will perhaps not be terribly surprised to learn that a US government agency, USAID, seems to have been a key player in engineering events in India. This of course is the same agency that has engineered regime changes in other countries. In this case, however, they seem to be quite fond of the Modi government of India.

The Truth About ‘Digital India’

By Ajiesh Thuvanoor Kayi

India is descending into one of the most unfavorable entanglements since her independence. This historic conspiracy gripping the subcontinent is utter cosmic. Since the announcement of so-called “Demonetization,” we have come up with several articles shedding light on possible issues. Some of the theories and predictions drafted in the 3rd week of Demonetization seem to be becoming more true and are still gaining momentum. Surprisingly, the most intriguing information of all is the whole lot of Indian population inadvertently or knowingly continuing endorse this mission – most are unaware of the real plot while others are obsessed with irrational character adoration. The “soft coup” timetable initiated the United States is in action and Indians live in an exaggerated bubble which will soon be deflated. The Indian public is largely ignorant and unconcerned, and their reliance on fallible Indian mainstream media throttles further Information Blockade. A series of corroboratory reports rightly available but in bits and pieces need to be a pieced together for an aggregated view.

The threatening geopolitical environment posed by the Asian Block/BRICS union compelled the United States to initiate strategic partnership with India. This is intended to counter the Chinese military and economic dominance in Asia and elsewhere. During the reign of Obama, the Indian Prime Minister visited Washington over 18 times within a mere span of two years. USAID under the Obama Administration successfully plucked a deal with the Indian Finance Ministry. This ministry covering the banking sector is already facing a series of internal yet undisclosed crises. The deal was to destroy the cash ecosystem in India and push digital payment methods, a multifaceted program with several goals. The project’s catalyst was commissioned in November 2015 by the government of India and USAID in order to destroy cash, targeting low-income groups. It is not evidently clear if the CIA is directly involved, but the fact is prevalent that the CIA is a constant factor in USAID.

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2 thoughts on “Signs of the Times: A Cashless Society in India

  1. Alternative cryptic currentcy could be the liberation of the world,bit coin is the future ,though a gold backed monetary system frees any nation from the western fiat system.John McCain once decried ,”why is the Russian economy Not in Ashes”,the simple reason is the Russian economy is gold backed Not Fiat,Russia is Not a debtor nation,it is summised that Gaddafi was going to create a african currentcy that was backed by gold and it is that is half the reason ge was destroyed.There is a geopolitical conflict going on ,and countries like the BRICS will circumnavigate the fiat-US green back,thus meaning that the Dollar will no longer be the reserve currentcy,Iran wants out of the US economic system,as for Russia it has little investments in America ,and China,well it holds all the cards,the ultra liberals rage over Russia’s said power over the White House,_even though Russia is innocent over these aligations,the truth is that theses neocon/ultra liberal wars are financed on Chinese credit,and it is that fact the likes of Steve Bannon are aware of and want to challenge,those who have allowed China to hold such financial power over the USA,if the Chinese were soo inclined they could break America like a bamboo stick,this is a power Russia does Not Have..

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