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Tulsi Gabbard Press Conference: Stop Arming Terrorists!

Back in 2015, when a photo went viral of the body of three-year-old Aylan Kurdi washed up on a Turkish beach, I put up a post entitled “The Responsibility for this Boy’s Death Rests Entirely with the US and Its Allies,” in which I wrote the following:

The death of this child is a tragedy. But of course Aylan is only one boy. Nearly a quarter of a million Syrians, according to some estimates, have died since the outbreak of the conflict in 2011. I’m going to say something that will sound startling and extreme to some, but the blood of every single one of these people is on the hands of the Obama administration, and particularly its policy makers in the State Department, as well as certain US allies. Anyone and everyone who has provided weapons, training, or any other type of support…to Al Nusra, ISIS or any of the other armed gangs terrorizing Syria and driving people from their homes…bears a share of the responsibility.

It’s interesting that the boy’s aunt now apparently, in effect, agrees with me. And we now have a member of Congress who has come to see the wisdom of this as well.

2 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard Press Conference: Stop Arming Terrorists!

  1. I hope Tulsi Gabbard succeeds in her venture because it’s important that never again are animals funded by the US/UK tax payer,here’s a few facts ,the greatest fear of humanity is the collapse of civilisation, all social norms gone,no government ,no civil service, army, or police,and now what do you have?,well Not all humans are nice,and anyone violent psychopathic tendencies are free to act,this was seen in Syria,as isis and al nusra made a clarion call for men with a dangerous psychological make up,these men preyed on the weak,namely women and children and defenceless civilian men,so now you have a post apocalyptic scenario,and for innocence, this Not some Hollywood tv show or film,is it a wonder that the most popular show on tv is the “walking Dead”, and may i add George Romero ,the director of the zombie horror flick had summised that the his films related to humans real fear of what i forementioned ,the collapse of civilisation,the zombies represent beings of no concience ,no empathy or any other feeling but to kill,this is what mad ziocons wanted for Syria,it is only the intervention of many men who layed down their lives that psychopathic barbarians did Not overrun Syria.. P.S. beware the Ultra Liberal, for they speak of rights of minorities but will lay to waste your lands,humantarian war is what they call it..:/

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