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More Chaos in Berkeley

I sometimes find myself wondering these days if we may not be headed for something akin to a civil war in America. This took place over the weekend in Berkeley, where Trump supporters and counter-protesters clashed…

Here is an RT report on threats made against student Trump supporters at UC Berkeley…

But it isn’t just Berkeley. Here is what took place at the capitol building in St. Paul, Minnesota…

The anti-Trump leftists are now ironically on the same side as the deep state and the CIA. And the media are currently waging an open campaign to have Trump impeached. It’s worth recalling what took place at the Maidan in Kiev in 2014 when “protestors” showed up and started firing live ammunition basically in order to inflame the chaos even further. Will the deep state attempt something similar in order to effect a regime change in America? Hard to say for sure, but we’re kind of in uncharted territory here.

One more video, this one in Washington DC…

8 thoughts on “More Chaos in Berkeley

  1. When molotov cocktails are thrown by disguised (masked, hoodies) provocateurs, how can we sort out the sources of the violence?

    Conversation with a local investigator about the occupy protests included a discovery that the most radical leaders were raised in Jewish families. These are criminals–not protestors.

    Think “Bolshevism 2.0”–leading instigators followed by disaffected Mercans.

    ***What are the networks that Soros and Nuland have used to recruit provocateurs and mercenaries?***

  2. Won’t be long before a rooftop sniper starts shooting both protesters and police. Stink bombs were used in Minnesota, thuggery all around.
    Getting a taste of our own medicine and it’s going down in a bitter way.

  3. “You are Not a beautiful snow flake”, a term first heard in the movie fightclub, a book and movie that was about men rebelling against feminization of society, it is a a term suitable for theses faux liberals and fakes,where was their outrage at zio endless war against muslims and even african blacks,30,000 i believe slaughtered by Libyan rebels with allgiences to al qeada,Not too mention christians killed,all this enabled by Hilary Clinton the war criminal, african Americans need to educate themselves on ultra liberals, Trump wants to bring jobs to all,he maybe a billionaire but as a patriot he sees his country in parts turning into a ,and forgive my language, a third world sh*t hole,and also if Trump is delgitiamized ,there is a risk of civil war,much like in the UK, there are forces trying to thwart Brexit,and in Britain their could be war,and i’m serious,the English rise up every few centuries, like the rebellion against king John,Richard II and Charles Stewart.This is serious stuff the ultra liberals should take note..

  4. P.S.,It would be fabulously amusing if the mighty 5 Dancing shlomos gave us his opinion in one of his witty poems on this excellent article,oh it is only a hope..

  5. It’s always interesting to note that Jews are scrupulously non-racist in America while supporting an apartheid state in Israel.

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