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Wikileaks ‘Vault 7’ Release Shows Vast Spying Capacity of CIA

[ Ed. note – Do you get the feeling the people running the US government aren’t sane? It has been a day of amazing revelations. ]

Apple, Samsung, Microsoft: WikiLeaks blows lid on scale of CIA’s hacking arsenal


The major takeaway from the latest WikiLeaks dump centers around the terrifying, ‘all-seeing-eye’ surveillance project codenamed ‘Weeping Angel.’ The CIA appears to have taken espionage to a whole new level if WikiLeaks’ initial analysis is accurate.

According to the preliminary release, the CIA has the capability to hack, record and even control everyday technology used by billions of people around the world.

These include smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and even vehicles with remote control navigation systems.

On these devices themselves, the CIA can allegedly hack into some of the world’s most heavily encrypted social media and communications platforms such as WhatsApp, Weibo, Confide, Signal and Telegram before any encryption can even be applied.

For example, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption means that only the direct participants in a conversation can read messages; not even WhatsApp is capable of reading them.

The CIA, however, was able to hack into individual private WhatsApp messages before encryption could even be applied.

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Here are a few tweets that have been posted on the subject:

Watson’s observation about the media is rather on target. The following, written by writer Ted Kaplan, was published today at Slate:

Tuesday’s WikiLeaks release exposing thousands of detailed documents on CIA hacking tools is an unbridled attack on U.S. intelligence operations with little or no public benefit.

It is of no benefit to know the government can eavesdrop on us through our TV sets or smart phones? A rather astounding assertion to say the least.

36 thoughts on “Wikileaks ‘Vault 7’ Release Shows Vast Spying Capacity of CIA

  1. Now we know why Americans were forced into buying HDTV or being given a set top box to use to switch your old TV to digital; it made it easier for the government to spy on Americans in their homes.
    Now the same tactics used against foreign diplomats and US politicians, threatening to release a damaging video or audio of the diplomat doing something will now be used against Americans–and others–who dare to speak out against the tyranny that is slowly choking the USA to death.

    I bet the CIA and NSA has some of the best organic porn tapes on the planet. Maybe that’s why we hear those stories about some government agency spending so much time watching porn; they were watching Americans and cataloging the stuff to use in future blackmail ops.

  2. The issue of blackmail is a very real possibility. If congress has been spied upon through their TVs and other electronic gadgets, then that would explain a lot.

  3. Wow — Mossad techniques on steroids. Maybe the Mossad is behind all this, orchestrating the program…(inter alia, Mordechai Vanunu; 9-11/Twin Towers/Building 7/the Pentagon “airplane” missile??).

  4. We do live in a police state analogous to the Soviet Union. However, the people doing this are perfectly sane. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

  5. I don’t think they even have enough man power to spy on ordinary people like me. At least I hope not!! Anyway, that was always in the back if my mind… like what if someone’s watching me?! I was always paranoid. Even when I was alone!!

    What do you think? Do they spy on regular people, or just “important” people? Maybe they just want people to think they are spying on everyone, so people will watch their backs.

  6. I don’t know, Leila. I usually think of myself as being too small and insignificant to attract their notice, but you never know when they might decide to take an interest in someone. Mostly I just keep doing what I’m doing without worrying too much about it.

  7. Ashkenazi Khazarians are not Jewish and have -0- Jewish DNA . They are descended from Ancient Babylon which also had an extremely bad and cruel reputation .Their holy book is the Talmud , do worship satan , they behead , sacrifice , crucify , all blood letting cruelty ( think ISIS here ) . They are pedophiles , they sacrifice babies by throwing them into the burning pit at the alter . If they act on pedophile actions the child is murdered for tempting the perpetrator . They are of higher intelligence than the rest of us but often are Schizophrenic and other disorders . They are CRAZY by my view . It is my opinion and belief that the CIA in the U.S. government means ‘Catholics in Action’ they are a Jesuit society , part of the Catholic Church . Check = http://www.presscore.ca/ I believe personally that both Zionists and Catholics are connected and the British Monarchy as well , Rothschilds , Soros , and the other super wealthy families that are dysfunctional around the world . For a special kick ; I recommend you check this site as well http://www.come-and-hear.com/editor/index.htmlAmerica Under the Talmud and I have another site address but cannot recall it at this time . The NWO is part of their agenda and if you know of the Georgia Guidestones they have a specific population agenda of 500 million ppl on earth . Since there are presently 7 billion ppl , where do you suppose all the extra ppl are going ? What are FEMA CAMPS for ? Have you ever read the Jesuit oath ? I would if I were you . Once you put all the pieces of the puzzle together you have yourself a picture . Israel spies on EVERYONE . There is a backdoor to every device as the Wikileaks motherload has told us . They hire students in Israel to spy on everyones computers and devices . They have propaganda ‘tools’ on the internet constantly trying to sway the public attitude in their favor . My opinion .

  8. There are no stupid questions?

    A woman asks Alexa three (3) questions. On the third question, Alexa goes silent. The first question, would you lie to me? The second question, what is the CIA? The third question, are you connected to the CIA?

  9. Sorry, Jerrilyn, but you can’t do that. After making numerous assertory claims and writing as if they were all true, you may not, at the end, feign modesty by claiming that what you wrote is merely your opinion.

    If it is only opinion, nothing you wrote may be considered factual.

  10. They are reptilian, not human.The Catholic reptilians can be recognized by their yellow back, whereas the Khazarian reptilians have a bluish tinge and a star-shaped pattern on their skin. It is my opinion and I agree with it.
    I don’t have the time to read all the links you provided but I do so wish I did.

  11. Is this meant to be taken seriously? Again, we have bizarre assertions followed by a feint to modesty. If you make a claim, no matter how ridiculous, you have to back it up. The “it’s my opinion” cop-op discredits you.

  12. The US is borrowing ideas from the Soviet Union,a police state,this all sounds like tyranny to me,i can see why American believe in the right to bare arms,for Napoleaon the pig is quite busy,the founding fathers warned against such actions,and under Obama the dark powers were allowed to run rampant….p.s.does anyone want the imperial British empire back???,it seems to me what you have in America,you might aswell of lost the war…

  13. Greg, you have had this problem with me before on another site. You seem to be opaque to irony and sarcasm. In and of itself it is not a big handicap: people realize soon enough that you are literal minded but you mean no harm.
    You do some very good work, like the conference titled America’s Takeover by Jews (perhaps it is the tilte given by youtube, whereas you would have said “by zionists”). But you get prepossessing and tedious lecturing people about being “anti-Jewsh bigots.” One can be anti-Jewish without being a bigot if they are not as terrified as you are of … “making generalizations.”
    And another thing: don’t quote The Wandering Who unless you have REALLY read it for comprehension, because you risk quoting it against the grain.
    Gilad is exquisitely precise with words although English is not his native language. He carefully states in TWW that he has nothing against “jews as people.” He has, however spent years explaining what he has against Jews as Jews. And he considers himself an ex-Jew now, therefore “people…”
    PS, Yes, they killed Christ AND they boast about it. Sarah Silverman gets hysterical over how much she’d like to kill Christ herself. Isn’t it bigoted of you to refuse to believe the Jews “only because they are Jews?”

  14. The U.S. is more fascist than communist, since the corporate state and religiosity lie behind fascist government. We may need civil war to purge the U.S of the zionist cancer. My book the “Host and the Parasite,” which I am updating, show the history of the zionization of the U.S. I would say the U.S. did not lose the War of Independence; rather, it became consumed by unenlightened self-interest and hubris. The U.S. cut of its head and had nothing of dignity to replace it. It is inevitable that the U.S. would degenerate into tyranny. Read Plato’s “Republic” on the decline of Democratic Man.

  15. Yes Ariadna, you were tediously obnoxious and hectoring on Deliberation, too. As far as lecturing people, you should look to yourself. Your arrogance and pomposity know no limits. Finally, Jews DID NOT kill Jesus. I defy you to provide any evidence. The Jewish hierarchy didn’t like Jesus because he was upsetting the political apple cart. The Jews-killed-Jesus line is standard Christian propaganda. The Romans carried out the execution, but Jesus caused his own death. Who cares what Sarah Silverman thinks?

  16. Greg, the only person being tedious here is you. We know you think the Jews did not kill Jesus. You’ve made this point how many times already? The Jews clamored for Christ’s crucifixion. They successfully conspired to bring it about. This is not the same thing as driving the nails, but it’s pretty close. And this is what’s related in the gospels. And yes, we know you don’t believe the gospels. That you’ve made apparent as well. So given that there is a fundamental difference of opinion, is there anything else that really needs to be said? You are starting to sound like a tufted titmouse sitting up in a tree chirping just to hear himself chirp.

  17. Oh, take a pill Richard! I only responded to Ariadne in kind for her pompous and condescending behaviour toward me. It is not the first time it has happened. If you check the posts you will see that she is the one who attacked me and asserted as an absolute fact that the Jews killed Jesus. I was prepared to let the matter of Jesus’s death alone, but I am not about to be lectured to by Ariadne or anyone else. It was not I who brought up the subject up of Jews and Jesus. I suggest you read posts more carefully and climb down from the mount.

    Why is it Ozymandias and I can have an intelligent discussion? Tufted titmouse indeed!

  18. Yes, I had some fun with Greg Felton on Deliberation. But I don’t have editorial prerogatives here as I did there so it would be selfish of me to take much more space on this fine site just for my personal pleasure.
    I will only conclude with this:

    Things are grim in Canada with respect to the freedom of speech Canadians once enjoyed, now crushed by Jewish herem laws (not imposed by Jews, I guess, only by them zionists):


    So maybe one has to be prepared. If and when one is hauled into court one should be able to say,

    “Your honor I am a fighter against anti-semitism. Look how many times I wrote that Jews didn’t kill Christ. And I used capitals, Your Honor! I debunked Christian propaganda, Your Honor, I debunked the Scriptures! I only criticize zionists, who are just a small segment of Jewry.
    I love Jews, your Honor. Let me rephrase that, it sounds like a generalization and I never generalize. I mean I love Jews who, you know, are not zionists, but that’s not to say that all zionists are bad, that would be another generalization. Let me reiterate: Jews didn’t kill Christ. They killed millions but not Christ. No, sorry, I mean they didn’t kill as Jews, only as zionists, Your Honor. I was just about to update my book, Your Honor.”

  19. Very sorry to hear Arthur Topham’s site has been taken down. It was a good site with some useful information on it. What the Canadian government has put this 70-year-old man through is despicable.

  20. I will pass on taking any pills, Greg, but thanks for the advice. I encourage you again to please try be civil and maintain a sense of etiquette.

  21. Of course Ariadna gets away with talking about Jews killing Christ–and in her trademark petulant, mocking tone no less–but if I challenge that particular staple of Christian dogma, and you dump all over me. It seems, Richard, that you need to apply a modicum of moderation in your moderation. If you want a thorough debate on the matter, let me know.

  22. I only wish all the Hillary supporters who said if Trump wins they’d move to Canada would hurry up and go there. It is a friendly environment for them.

  23. You make it too easy for me now, Greg. My sense of fair play and sportsmanship regrettably prevents me from ridiculing you. If you’re doing it on purpose you’re sharper than I thought.
    This: “…GETS AWAY with talking about Jews killing Christ” takes the cake. Send a note on it to the ADL, Greg. Nobody should “get away” with saying that….

  24. Canada is the only western country untouched by the ongoing rebellion, Justin, Trudeau has played a good game, he is the handsome white knight of ultra liberalism still standing,but even he too may fall if he panders too much to zio cultral marxism.

  25. Perhaps the cuckservatives should read Plato’s Republic too since along with the New Testament shaped the foundations of Western culture,and ditch that old irrelevant old testament.plus ridding themselves of Zio Israeliphilic outlook and assocations,also have John(christian slayer) McCain arrested for treachery.

  26. P.S. Pontius Pilot was forced into executing Christ for the sake of peace,as the Jews were threatning civil war ,because they believed Christ to have blasphemed,even though they could not challenge him on any aspects of the old hebrew law.we must remember that Israel was a troublesome backwater full of religious fanatics ,that most Roman governers did Not want to be and infact hated being there,as there were better glamorous postings like Greece or Syria at the time.Pilot was forced to kill a innocent man,that is why the washing of the hands by the Roman Govenor is symbolic..

  27. May i just add,it was young Jeshua’s fate to die,but perhaps we should remember that Christ faced down Satan and did battle with him when entered hell and won the keys of life,that is what christians should concentrate on,the jews cannot be blamed for the sins of their fathers, but now when you get to modern jews,with their bloody ziocon wars in the mid east and attacks on the West’s sense of itself and culture,e.g., anti west cultural marxism,yes many jews or crypto jews like Soros are guilty,the Cristols,Kagans ,and Netanyahu etc,theses are the big jews as Mr Helvena calls em,and they have blood on their hands.

  28. I thought you were an atheist, Ozy? It sounds like you’re starting to become a Christian.

  29. Ariadna, you have NEVER shown fair play or sportsmanship. You are an arrogant know-nothing who delights in attacking others and hiding behind an undeserved claim of superiority, You have no business ridiculing me, but since you have nothing of value to say that is all you can do. In case you hadn’t noticed this thread is about Valut 7. Stick to the topic and go harass someone else with your Jesus worship.

  30. Ah sunday school,i remember it fondly, when one learns the Lord’s prayer,you don’t forget it,any sympathy for the faith is probably a reaction to horrid persecutions and murder of christians in Syria,i mean I’ve been enraged at ziocons and i have a special Hatred of John (christian slayer) Mccain ,his love of head chopping terrorists baffles me,why are US christians More pro active at removing this crazed man from office???, there it is ,the anger again..

  31. Why the people of Arizona keep re-electing McCain is something I’ve wondered for a long time myself. But you make a good point, Ozy. Christians–that is to say TRUE followers of Christ–should be more proactive in trying to get politicians like McCain replaced with leaders more predisposed to seeking peace, and not war.

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