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Gentile Woman Responds to “Genocidal Jewess”

You run into the phenomenon time and time again: US Jews who favor open borders and unlimited immigration to America while at the same time supporting the apartheid state of Israel–a country which seeks to preserve its own ethno-religious purity even as it denies Palestinians the right of return. For hypocrisy it’s hard to top that.

The woman in the video above obviously is a white nationalist. While I am not a white nationalist myself (I believe it’s going to take all of us uniting together to defeat Jewish power), I do think she has some valid things to say. I should also mention that I came across this video after a friend of mine sent me a link yesterday to another video, which I am reproducing below.

This second video announces an event that a white nationalist group is organizing and that is to take place in Washington D.C. later this month. The event is being touted as “AIPACalypse” and is scheduled to coincide with AIPAC’s annual policy conference, March 26-28.

The white nationalist sentiments are not really detectable in the above video, however, if you visit the AIPACalypse website, it comes through. There is also a Facebook page that seems to be promoting the event. Obviously I can’t predict what’s going to happen in Washington later this month. It’s possible the turnout for the white nationalist protest could end up being small. However, as I noted in a recent post, we seem to be moving in the direction of a civil war in America.

I’ll add one other thing in closing–comments from a friend of mine after I shared with her the video of the “genocidal jewess” (a video which has survived on Youtube since January 29, though who knows how much longer it will remain?). Here is a portion of what my friend had to say:

We know what brought Trump to the White House was a groundswell of discontent of the White Christian middle class who hoped Trump would reverse their marginalization and outright vilification by the “progressives.”‘ …We know this. Trump rode in on it. “Here,” he said: “Hispanics are your enemy inside, the Islamic terrorists outside, run after these two rabbits while I move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.” Among the many eddies and currents in the boiling cauldron are some distinct and some overlapping “movements.” White nationalists are themselves more than one faction; some are real patriots, seemingly. The young woman in the Genocidal Jewess video is, I think, one. She is right: why should we accept Hillel organizations on campuses and no white club?

7 thoughts on “Gentile Woman Responds to “Genocidal Jewess”

  1. Americans are living under the boot-heel of Apartheid Israel tyranny and most not only don’t realize that, they actually heap praise, money, weapons and send cannon fodder to the ME to fight wars for Israel. The wars in Iraq and Syria are being fought to realize the century’s old Zionist dream of an Eretz Israel, and us Americans are the fools doing the fighting and watching our country fall apart, due to lack of money, since the money is going to fight wars for Israeli expansionism.

  2. You are right to wonder how much longer videos such as this one will survive on youtube. The internet is definitely a problem to “solve” for global Jewish power.
    Breaking News
    In an incredible (yet unsurprising…) coup recently (((they))) thought cleansed (a term that seems useful) Amazon of books that contradict the Holocaust™ myth.
    In fact they went farther than that: books that did not even mention the Holocaust but contained data pertaining to the number of Jews in Europe and the number who migrated from Europe prior to WWII were declared “unbooks” and thus unavailable:


  3. Trump is letting the Pentagon move ISIS terrorists out of Iraq. Is that why Iraq was left off the latest Trump Muslim ban? A little R & R here in the States, then back in action, in either Syria or Afghanistan?


    To make matters worse, Hollywood’s Spielberg and JJ Abrams are also making some Syrian propaganda. They didn’t seem too worried when USAF fighter-bombers were blowing the Hell out of Syrian cities, but they’ve got religion now that the situation on the ground in Syria is slowly improving for Syrians.


  4. This is something people should definitely be made aware of. There of course are other online bookstores, but you have to wonder how long before they start threatening them to.

  5. The young lady is all call correct in everything she said,the jews do think they are chosen and special,and have special cultural activities, I think in this mad cultural marxist era perhaps western culture should be celebrated more and what it has from given to the world,art,poetry,music,philosophy, science and mathematics,from Archimedes to John Lennon, the achievments of the west dwarfs Israel,and yeah the young lady is right again, Israel is Not a ally of America..

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