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Eva Bartlett Discusses Media’s Fake Narrative on Syria

Independent journalist Eva Bartlett offers up an interesting suggestion in this interview–that maybe it’s time for all people of conscience to stop granting interviews to the mainstream media. “We can’t expect them (the corporate media) to suddenly have an agenda of telling truth on Syria or any other issue.” It is a statement one could hardly argue with.

If a TV reporter asks you to give a comment on camera, the last–and I mean the absolutely last–thing you should do is to feel flattered. What should cross your mind instead is the instant recognition that such a person’s main interest is not in presenting an accurate account of what you have to say, but rather in getting a soundbite that supports his or her employer’s political narrative. This is what they get paid for. This is what a reporter’s job is nowadays.

In the world we live in today, truth is turned upside down. Watch this video posted yesterday by RT regarding comments made at a committee meeting in Congress earlier this week. One of the speakers before the committee tries to advance the premise that the truth is in reality a “virus,” and that the viral avalanche of lies spouted by the mainstream media are in reality the truth. “Disarming” the “virus” necessitates finding a “vaccine,” this of course in the form of more lies.

I couldn’t help smiling at how irate the RT reporter sounded at the conclusion of her report, and yes, it is of course exasperating when liars manage to get away with their deceptions. Which I think gets back to what Bartlett is saying–that maybe it’s time to simply stop speaking to the mainstream media.

Finally, I’ll close with this–a simple and basic truth spoken by Syrian President Bashar Assad: that all foreign troops present in Syria are invaders unless they have the government’s permission to be in the country:

6 thoughts on “Eva Bartlett Discusses Media’s Fake Narrative on Syria

  1. Of course, “Starve the Troll” strategy.
    It actually is brilliant, as in an internet discussion, the trolls eventually give up and die as they have no comments to feed on.

    My company lost about 25% of our clients and turnover. A financial journalist asked for an interview. He asked about the change in the industry (Introduction of PCs into a service industry) I said,” Of course we, and all the competition are having a hard time. The market is changing and it will take time for us all to adjust. New products strategies etc. Recovery will be long and hard, but we have a terrific service and we will end up stronger.”
    Headline : “XXX having ‘Hard Time’, uncertainty, long and hard recovery”
    He made it sound as though we were about to go bankrupt. When asked about the comments on terrific service and stronger. “We had enough words for the article, did not need them.”
    Never spoke to any journalist after that.

    Friedrich Nietzsche — ‘I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.’
    Let them starve.

  2. I can tell you as someone who used to work as an MSM reporter (although that was years and years ago when the media still retained a shred of integrity) that nothing drives a reporter crazier than to be working on a story and to not be able to find somebody to comment on it. You sit by the phone for hours hoping someone will return your call before deadline so you’ll have something to go into print with.

  3. Eva Bartlette is so correct at the false reporting,even now the western corp MSM refuses to conceed that Aleppo was liberated from head choppers ,who had terrorized the locals,and had stolen and hoarded food that had been air dropped,CNN,CNBC,ABC,THE BBC,have lied and lied,if Russia had Not stepped in the black flag of ISIS would be hanging in Damascus and the biggest mass crucifictions of Christians would of happened,not to mention mass slavery women and girls,Prez Basha AL Assad is correct it is a invasion,the makers of chaos were Not invited,ironically in the US you are allowed to shoot home invaders,though as a person with family in the US forces i would Not want that to happen,the US military have been poorly led and used by dispicable ziocon elites.There is a peace process,with Russia,Syria,Turkey and Iran,lets hope it is allowed to bring this war to a END,compromises will have to made,automny for certain regions ,but ONE SYRIAN STATE..

  4. Given the history of US involvement in the Middle East, it’s impossible to believe that the additional US troops just dispatched to Syria were sent with any kind of constructive purpose in mind. And as Assad correctly point out, technically under international law they are invaders.

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