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The Strangest Fruit of All

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Filmmaker Jason Pollock

Millennials today have lived their entire lives in a culture
in which deprecatory remarks about whites are viewed as trendy and acceptable…

By Richard Edmondson

Whether the film “Stranger Fruit” was intended to inflame racial tensions in America, it likely will have that effect. The film rehashes events surrounding the 2014 shooting of African-American teen Michael Brown by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, purportedly shedding new light on the case by means of previously unreleased video footage.

Made by Jewish filmmaker Jason Pollock, the film debuted at the South By Southwest Film Festival on March 11 and has been referred to as an “explosive documentary.” Pollock apparently took the title from the song, “Strange Fruit,” recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939, whose lyrics deal with the lynching of blacks in the southern United States during the post-reconstruction era. A stanza from the song goes:

Southern trees bear a strange fruit,
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root,
Black body swinging in the Southern breeze,
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees.

Pollock’s choice of the title for his film is not exactly a subtle literary allusion. The song was named “song of the century” by Time Magazine in 1999.

In the film, Pollock alleges that Brown did not rob the Ferguson convenience store he was said to have robbed, basing his claim on security video taken inside the store but which previously had been unreleased to the public. Pollock claims in the film that the footage proves Brown did not carry out a robbery of the store but that he had merely returned to pick up merchandise he had previously paid for–it is a claim that has been refuted by St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch and by Jay Kanzler, an attorney representing the owner of the market, both of whom have accused the filmmaker of selectively editing the footage.

You can go here to see a two and a half minute segment from the film that contains the security video and Pollock’s narrative on what it purportedly shows…and you can go here to see the response by Kanzler, whose presentation includes footage that Pollock edited out of the video. I suggest you review both and make up your own mind about who is telling the truth.

You can also go here and see a video of Pollock exploding in anger during an interview on Fox News.

“He [Brown] didn’t rob the store, and anyone who sees the exchange that takes place with a conscience, a heart, two minds and is not a bigot, pretty much understands what happened,” he tells the Fox interviewer.  “Unfortunately, there’s so many people in America with so much bias inside of them, that they just want to think that Michael Brown is a bad guy.”

The presumptive implication is that the police officer in Ferguson killed Brown for no other reason than because of his skin color.

Additionally, Pollock told CNN that, “I obtained this video by deciding to move to Ferguson, work with the family, and do real investigative journalism for the last two years. And that’s how the truth comes out.”

Of course if Pollock had wanted to make a film about people being killed solely because of their ethnicity, he could go to Israel, where he would find a much greater abundance of material for an investigative journalist to work with than he would ever find in America. Does it not bother Pollock that our own government, the US government, gives the Jewish state billions of dollars a year to maintain an illegal occupation? And that in turn Israel routinely kills civilians in the course of maintaining this occupation?

Imagine how many family members of Palestinians shot in cold blood by Israeli forces Pollock could get interviews with were he to move to Israel and “do real investigative journalism” for two years, and imagine the quality documentary this enterprising social justice advocate could produce as a result were he to undertake such an effort!

I took the trouble to visit Pollock’s Facebook page. In addition to numerous posts promoting his new film, you can also find posts about white people. “Dear white people, it’s time to wake up,” he says in one:

He also apparently thinks there are too many white people working as interns in Washington…

And apparently he opposes any restrictions on immigration–to America…

The filmmaker also has concerns about Russian hacking…

…but nowhere on his Facebook page could I find any mention of Israel, and I scrolled the timeline back for nearly a year.

I have asked this question before, but I will ask it again here: why do so many US Jews stridently condemn racism in America but have nothing to say about it in Israel? Racism does exist in America, but America does not define itself narrowly and specifically as a state for people of this or that religion or ethnicity. The same cannot be said of Israel.

And how does Israel’s defining of itself as a “Jewish state” translate into daily life? What is the net effect of its policies for those who must live under its occupation? If you go here you can read the precise legal definition of genocide as defined in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted by the UN in 1948. What you will notice is that much of it describes, almost to a T, what Israel is doing today to the Palestinians. But yet US Jews like Pollock apparently have nothing to say about it.

As I said above, racism does exist in America…and a significant portion of it is directed against white people. That’s because racism against white people is seldom if ever condemned or called what it is. Imagine if someone were to say in condescending tones: “Dear black people, it’s time to wake up,” or “Dear Jews, it’s time to wake up.” That person would immediately be accused of racism or anti-Semitism. And if they were white, they would be accused of “white supremacism” as well. But Pollock obviously had no fear of posting such words about white people on his Facebook page–and for good reason. In the culture which currently exists in America, it is acceptable to denigrate white people.

Look at the millennial protesters at this anti-Trump protest in Portland, some of them yelling out the racial epithet “white trash.” These are people of course who would never dream of shouting derogatory remarks about any other race or ethnic group.

The irony, of course, is that some of the people shouting “white trash” are white themselves. But here again, it’s not terribly surprising. Millennials today have lived their entire lives in a culture in which deprecatory remarks about whites are viewed as trendy and acceptable.

By contrast, every single person in America is well aware of the fact that making racist slurs against nonwhites or voicing anti-Semitic remarks about Jews can get you fired from your job. We even have seen university professors fired or denied tenure for nothing more than criticizing Israel.

The period we are going through now is in many ways unprecedented. We live in a time in which hurling any kind of baseless accusation against Russia is wholly permissible, encouraged even, but in which we have to cautiously watch what we say about Israel. The truth of the matter, however, is that Israel exerts far more influence over US elections than Russian “hackers” ever dreamed of. Consider that, and then factor in two other elements to the equation as well: efforts to inflame racial tensions in America and efforts to provoke a war with Russia. The picture that emerges is not pretty.

So what chance do Americans today have of regaining our independence from the Jewish lobby which controls our government? It’s hard to give definitive odds on that, but one thing is for sure: Israel, out of all nations on this beset and torn-apart earth, is one strange fruit.

And the Jews who lash out angrily at others for alleged racism–while at the same time supporting their own apartheid Jewish state–are perhaps the strangest fruit of all.

18 thoughts on “The Strangest Fruit of All

  1. Thanks for this excellent post. Most of what I observe in the human tragi-comedy is grounded in one word: Hypocrisy. Jesus condemned it and those engaged in it, and I guess it’s just an ingrained, indelible part of human nature.

    • The human tragi-comedy–I’d say it’s an apt description, Robert. And yes, hypocrisy is an all-too-common human trait these days, so much so that some people seem to have adopted it as their religion.

  2. Great article, Richard. Pollock’s America is not whites but Jews holding up signs that say “We’ve seen this before.” The hypocrisy of being against Islamophobia is shameless from a tribe that stokes up its flames, organizes false flags purportedly done by muslims (like the mother of them all: 9/11). The hypocrisy of being the defenders of blacks is also stupendous from these grandsons of slave traders and oppressors of blacks inIsrael even when they are of the Jewish religion.
    You sad ti very well: they are the strangest fruit of all

    • Hypocrisy is the new religion, like I said to Robert. Apparently it has been adopted as the 614th “mitzvah.”

  3. I will pipe in,yes America has a troubling racist history,some a fall out of the civil war, ironically Nazis Germany honoured the Geneva convention in the west,and the Nazis were often bemused by racial conflict in US military ranks,the Nazis actually treated US blacks quite well,among the German population there was no animosity towards blacks,back to point,the rise of racial tention and police hostility towards blacks is partly due to economic problems, America needs to pay US cops more,have a high standard of training, more black cops in black neighborhoods, who may understand the culture more,also for the black communities to challenge criminality in their community, and stop blaming whites,oh just to be visicious,perhaps they should look to the Clintons,Bill who imprisoned more blacks for minor drug violations thus increasing the black population in prisons,and Hilary who armed al qeada militants who committed genocide on black Libyans..Black lives mattter but Not in Libya,may it also be said that the now martyed Brown was a bully and thief and should of been arrested..P.S.the snow flake generation don’t care about the lives of blacks or Arabs.Ultra liberalism is hazardous to health.Its alright to slaughter muslims by the tens of thousands but you can’t ban them, liberals are fake and phoney in every way

  4. St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch is a devious, slippery SOB, but it also appears, so is Pollock.

    That arrogant look of supremacy on his face says it all.

  5. Love the way you throw the Jew-card out onto the table. I have read hundreds of articles about Ferguson and it’s the first time I have seen that done. With respect, I don’t see that Pollock’s Jewishness vel non has anything to do with Ferguson or Michael Brown. Nor does Palestine. Every time a cop murders a black kid in America are we supposed to commiserate with the Palestinians because they are being butchered in even larger numbers? What we need, perhaps, is for American blacks and Palestinians to show solidarity for each other because they are both on the receiving end of the same deplorable racist mind-set.

    The primary connection I see between Ferguson and Palestine is the way the American cops are being trained by the Israeli occupation forces, and, consequently, the feculent Israeli policing “techniques” have become a part of US policing: always shoot, and shoot to kill. The Israelis have polluted the world in so many subtle ways.

    Immediately after the riots started I drove from my home British Columbia to Ferguson and got there just as things quieted down. I stood where Michael was murdered, took pictures, took measurements, talked to others who were there, all blacks. Like Pollock I came to the conclusion that Derek Wilson is a liar but there was no way he was going to be held responsible for killing Michael Brown. I wrote several articles backing up that allegation with evidence from, mostly, bullet-casing positions.

    And the reason I say it is that having been there, I can identify with Pollock’s rage.

    Yes, the whole convenience store issue is a red herring and has nothing to do with the cause of Michael’s murder. Pollock admits that. But Pollock did not initiate the convenience store red herring. Within hours of Michael’s murder the internet was awash with the vid of Michael leaving the store and shoving the employee, making it look like a robbery.

    Why is no one is questioning who put that original vid on the internet & why? It had to be either the store owner, his lawyer (Kanzler), or the cops. And the only purpose could have been to make people (i.e. a potential jury) think Michael was a bad dude and probably deserved a bullet or two. I can see why Pollock would want to push back on that, but I’m not sure that convincing the world that Michael was dealing drugs helps his case. And Kanzler made an awfully strong case that Pollock’s vid doesn’t show a drug deal — at least not one that was consummated. But if Pollock can use the convenience store red herring to get this murder back on CNN, then good on him.

    I’ll tell you exactly what happened to Michael Brown. Wilson drew his weapon when he started to get out of his car to mess with Michael, Michael saw the gun and tried to hold the door closed to give him time to run away. He may have taken a swing at Wilson in self-defense. I would have. Then Michael turned and ran down the street a few yards and Wilson gunned him down. Cold-blooded murder. Yeah . . . I can identify with Pollock’s rage.

    What I don’t understand is why the same white people in America who are so upset about Palestinians being gunned down by IOF 8000 miles away ignore the relentless, disproportionate killing of blacks by lying, mostly white cops like Derek Wilson all across America.

    Sorry this is so long.

    • The article is not so much about what did or didn’t happen in Ferguson. Rather, its focus is on the hypocrisy of Jews who are on an anti-racist, open-the-borders crusade in America while at the same time supporting an apartheid state in Israel. You apparently view this as nothing more than throwing out “the Jew card onto the table.” I view it as a legitimate and worthwhile question to ask and will probably continue to explore it in future articles. The power of the Israeli lobby, and the fact that we give billions of dollars each year to Israel, is what makes it a relevant question for all Americans. At the same time it isn’t only “white people in America” who are concerned about what’s happening in Occupied Palestine. Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians probably meets the legal definition of genocide, and for that reason it is, or should be, of concern to all people with a shared sense of humanity.

      • What concerns me is that I know from personal experience that as one becomes disgusted and horrified by the Palestinians’ plight, one starts to see “the Jews” as being responsible for every cluster-f*ck everywhere, including Ferguson and Washington. That sort of generalizing is just built into the human mind and leads to all sorts of unfair and potentially dangerous conclusions, both historical and contemporary – like “I’ll bet 90% of the “white interns” in Washington are in fact Jews.” [BTW, I’ll take that bet, Leila. I’ve got $1000 that says that’s BS.]

        One way I sort of nudge myself to stop so much with the over-generalizations is to lump the toxic Israeli Jews and those (wherever they may be) who support Israel’s apartheid into a sub-class: the iJews. Then when I rip into the latest act of genocide/apartheid by the iJews, I do it in good faith and with a clear conscience that I am not wrongly accusing millions of Jews who are as disgusted as I am about the crimes perpetrated by the Government of Yisrael (GoY).

        I don’t know Mr. Pollock and I don’t know anything about him except what’s been on the MSM the last few days. But my sense is that he is likely as outraged about Palestine as any of us, and that would make him an ally irrespective of where, or what, or how, or whether he worships.

    • A”jew card”? I didn’t know there was such a thing but if you don’t have one, you should apply. If you have a body of work that shows the same skills as this comment you might qualify.
      1. ” I’ll tell you exactly what happened to Michael Brown.”
      You are in possession of the Truth, no less. All others are either mistaken or worse…. potential anti-semites (why they mention Palestine!). And you know this because you talked to people… “all black.”
      2. Working at inflaming racial tensions in the US by propagating typical Southern Poverty Law Center (all Jewish) and Soros’ Open Society propaganda:
      “disproportionate killing of blacks by lying, mostly white cops”
      Also you give this worse than idiotic, in fact lethal, advice to blacks, in defiance of laws:
      “He may have taken a swing at Wilson in self-defense. I would have.”
      Try it soon, why don’t you? Take a “swing” at a police officer. Some Pollock or Dennis will later say he imagines it was because you “saw the gun” and wanted to have time to escape…..
      “Every time a cop murders a black kid”…. sounds like white cops make a sport of “murdering” black “kids.” Yet oddly the worse thing you can say about the Jews in Israel, who REALLY do that, is that their police methods are “feculent”?
      No, they are not feculent, they are CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.
      But, hey, they are 8000 miles away, as you say.

      • I am impressed by, inspired by these thought-provoking comments! Wish I had the youth and agility of mind to chip in with something worthwhile. I guess I can only write that my initial reaction to Denis’ comments was “Palestine is on the minds of many, but too few, Americans because we see the Zionization of America behind every burning bush, inside every cop car and tank roaming the streets.” And yes, US police trooping to the Zioentity so-called Israel for training in ruthless urban crowd control and domination…I suppose it is well known that the New York Police Department has a “forward base” staffed and liaisoning in the Zioentity….

  6. had a busy weekend
    interviewed district of crooks interns
    104 total
    99 jews
    who woulda thunk
    more amazing
    such concern for innocent jew
    the defenseless innocent jew
    we have two
    or one

  7. “millions of Jews who are as disgusted as I am about the crimes perpetrated by the Government of Yisrael”

    The term of reference you picked –disgusted as you are — introduces an unknown for me so it means nothing.
    How about….
    “millions of Jews who are as disgusted as …
    — activists in the BDS/ISM
    — Ken O’Keefe/Gilad Azmon/Brother Nathaniel
    — and any VOCAL critics of the “Jewish state”
    about the crimes perpetrated by the Government of Yisrael”?
    Can you say that? Maybe you would say it although it is a LIE.
    Millions in Israel alone support “the Jewish state”‘s crimes and PARTICIPATE in them and elect and re-elect war criminals to lead them to darker moral ignominy.
    I see Jews in the US and Europe leading campaigns for “regime change” in Syria, as they did in Iraq and Libya but there is not a single Jew who calls for “regime change” in the “Jewish state.”
    So it is not “crimes perpetrated by the Government of Yisrael”— it is crimes perpetrated by JEWS in Israel and in the “diaspora.”
    Chew on that and see if you get it.

  8. Above I said:

    What concerns me is that I know from personal experience that as one becomes disgusted and horrified by the Palestinians’ plight, one starts to see “the Jews” as being responsible for every cluster-f*ck everywhere, including Ferguson and Washington.

    As Exhibit “A” supporting this assertion I offered myself.
    As Exhibit “B” “ariadnatheo” jumped in with his/her invective and smeared every Jew in the world, including those doing their best to close down GoY’s apartheid.

    It is ariadnatheo’s vile over-generalizing that drives these sorts of racism problems and the Palestinian cluster-f*ck specifically. Bigots that know no bounds and sweep all people of a give religion into the same boiling pot of hatred called “Jews” are not going to resolve the Palestinian issue; they are only going to make it worse, even if their heart is in the right place. At least that’s the way I think Jesus would see it.

    So it goes, Kurt. . .

  9. You did not have to cite yourself to remind us that what concerns you is just one thing:
    that Jews would be blamed by more and more people for more and more disasters (which indeed they are responsible for).
    Only a Jew–and not one of those as rare as hen’s teeth, but a garden variety hasbara-peddling Jew — would call what the JEWS have been doing to the Palestinian people since they were let loose upon them from all the dank lairs all over the world, a “Palestinian cluster-f*ck.”
    Only a Jewish propagandist (and not a very sharp one) would claim that the WAR CRIMES and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY perpetrated by JEWS in Palestine are “driven” and “made worse” by the “bigotry” of the non-Jews who call them for what they are.
    And only a Jew would top this off by having the nerve to tell us that Jesus would agree with him.
    Take your hasbara and go away, Denis. It’s way past its sell-by date. Your posts are ipecac.

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