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Christian Zionism: Ghosts of the Past and the Present

Praying for Peace War

Recently Chuck Carlson, founder of We Hold These Truths, was interviewed by Catholic radio interviewer Judith Sharpe. The topic was Christian Zionism, past and present. It’s a fascinating discussion that delves into how Christian Zionism got off the ground in America, with the publication of the Scofield Bible in 1908, and how the US was maneuvered into World War I just nine years later. Interestingly, Samuel Untermyer, a prominent Zionist, had a hand in both.

The Zionist influence continues to be a force today. While mainline Christian churches have largely resisted the Christian Zionist heresy, and some, such as the Lutherans and Presbyterians, have even taken up boycott-divestiture measures against Israel, the wolf always seems to be there in sheep’s clothing. You’ll hear Carlson discuss how those propounding Christian Zionist views are attempting in essence to infiltrate mainline churches today under the seemingly innocuous guise of forming Bible study groups. An interesting interview with an especially intriguing historical perspective, and if you listen to the full 73 minutes you’ll learn a lot.

Click here for the full podcast

5 thoughts on “Christian Zionism: Ghosts of the Past and the Present

  1. Don’t know who is more noxious, these asshats or those Christian prosperity con artists that preach you’ll get rich by following them and Jesus.

    Reminds me of a camel and an eye of a needle.

    Guess the CZ’s win the Asshole Award, because of all the death and destruction that they’ve prayed for in the ME to help their beloved Apartheid Israel.

  2. The camel and the eye of the needle is a good verse to keep in mind, Greg. I thought about that one a lot while Trump was running for president last year, and the unsound logic of thinking a billionaire was going to ride to America’s rescue like a knight in shining armor.

  3. no shining armor
    hang in there
    he will
    a struggle
    but trump aint weak, coward, nor moron
    like previous 3

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